Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Happy Easter lovelies. To the lovely three people who entered the giveaway thank you very much! I am pleased to announce that Christie is the lucky winner. I used the random number generator and do apologise for the lateness of this post. Christie I'll be in touch!

Go check out Christie's blog at


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 71.

Hey peoples. Bit of a late post today as I've been a bit BUSY!

I have a couple of things to share ...

1) our e-shoot got featured on another website ... this time the Queensland Brides blog! What makes this even more exciting is that we are their VERY first engagement shoot to be featured on the blog AND ... wait for it ... we will be featured in the upcoming Winter 2011 edition of the MAGAZINE!

2) The portal where I was doing my weekly 'bagging a bargain' column has been shut down by APN so I can no longer claim to be a columnist. I'm pretty disappointed cos I was really starting to get in to it but obviously not as devastated as the staff at Finda who have been working their butts off for the last 12 months to get the site up and ready. Shout out to the Finda team - I was really looking forward to meeting you guys and continuing to find bargains for the people of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

3) a HUGE thanks to Aimee at The Posh Op Shopper for giving me some hints for our couple of days in Byron Bay next week. Can't wait to explore the op shops and boutiques in the region. We are praying for fine weather despite the very real chance that it will be raining the whole time.

DSC02989Wearing: dress - vintage, waist tie - from another dress, wedges - Target at Vinnies, headband - Equip.

have a lovely Easter and remember you have about an hour till my giveaway is drawn.

You'll be hearing from me next month ; )

till then, over and out


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 70 and Pump it LOUDER.

hump day, pump day is what I always refer to Wednesday as. You see I go to a Les Mills pump (weights) class every Wednesday at 12pm. The instructor Tash has been trying to convince me for yonks to become an instructor. I have always had it at the back of my mind but never really thought really in depth about it as standing up on a stage in front of a class full of people with a microphone yelling out instructions isn't high on my list of must do's in life.

But, today she had me stand up on stage with her for all to see. The verdict? Not as nerve racking as I would have thought although I didn't have to say anything - just participate like I normally would. It costs a decent amount of money to get certified but man, if I could look anything like one of these promo posters how could I NOT do it? Still considering it and will continue to ponder abs of steel.

Luckily Leah (my trusty photographer), took my outfit photos BEFORE the big class cos let me tell you people, I'm not looking too glam now.

DSC02979    DSC02983 Wearing: top - Aero (thrifted), harem pants - Blue Juice (jumble sale), shoes - Diana Ferrari (Myer), earrings - Lovisa

Last day tomorrow before 12 days off! Wahoooo.

What have you got planned for Easter?

Over and Out


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 69.

Howdy partners. How are you all on this fine Tuesday?  I'm a little disheartened by the lack of interest in my giveaway. Is it that people don't actually like my blog or is it just that the ring isn't their style? I hope it's the latter but accept that different people like different things. I do however appreciate my two new followers who have joined and have not opted to enter in to the giveaway - means they are not following because of the prize. That makes me happy : )

I picked up this dress while wondering around our local shopping centre on a Thursday night not quite fulfilled at what I had already purchased. I saw a sign at Tree of Life (a shop I rarely go in) for 50% off the marked price and 50% off always gets me interested. I bought this dress without trying it on but at $22.50 I thought why not? It's pink and polka dot AND has ruffles. If you know my style I am the BIGGEST fan of lace and ruffles and just cannot resist a bit of frill action.

Oh O I have some boobage overhang and I don't really have any boobage to start with. I mean how do you even tone that area of your chest?! Suggestions welcome.
DSC02950   DSC02953 
Wearing: dress - tree of life, shoes - Novo (garage sale), cardi - Target (Lifeline), belt - online.

I'm a bit bored of all the stuff in the shops at the moment. I'm on the look out for a pair of booties to wear to a race day in Stanthorpe in May (it will be COLD) but worry with my cankle situation that NO booties are going to look cute - my legs will just look like tree trunks. I'll keep looking anyway.

I also may have been going a little crazy on asos. It seems I just cannot resist their worldwide free shipping offer - please don't judge me!. These are some of the items that are on their way to me.

noticing a bit of a theme here?

I have taken advice from a co-worker and am clearing out some of my clothes to make way for the new items. Am I the only one who struggles to pull apart two hangers to place another item in the wardrobe? It's a workout and a half for me at the moment. So if you're interested, keep an eye on my items for sale which I'll be listing in the next week or so.

Over and Out


Monday, April 18, 2011

Flea Market Finds - April Style

This weekend just passed was one of the weekends I most look forward to during the year. Why? Because the bestest church sale in all of the region is held and all promises and keeps it promise to sell loads and loads of interesting, retro and CHEAP stuff.

I didn't get as much as I'd hoped but still came away with some awesome finds. I got some great vintage clothing pieces which I'll be wearing sometime soon as well as a couple of books for the wedding table settings.

Some favourites

15 x Johnson Australia and various old English makers plates for $2 - great additions to the mismatched crockery collection for the wedding!


The cute floral English side plate was 50c.


This adorable Queen Anne tea cup, saucer and side plate set for $2 - for those at the wedding that would prefer to indulge in a cuppa rather than a beer or vino.


And just as I was about to pay I spotted these gorgeous beauties for 50c each. LOVE THEM and I think mum was a little jealous.


At a separate garage sale the weekend before I picked up my latest and greatest Glomesh bag to date. I got it new in the box for $4 and was totally chuffed. Later that night when I used it I realised it did have a slight flaw. The inside is lined with something like felt and basically it put this dust like substance over everything in my bag - if I use it from now on I need to use a snap lock bag or something to protect all my things. Anyone got any other solutions?


Yesterday was also a great day for bargain hunting. The town of Murphy's Creek which was devastated by the wall of water in January just down the range from Toowoomba held a jumble sale for all of the left over donations they received. It was HEAVEN. I just about filled a black extra large garbage bag for $30 including 2 pairs of Diana Ferrari heels and a pair of gorgeous ruffle I love Billy t-bar heels for mum. I picked up some great stuff including a gorgeous Zara jacket, some Lorna Jane pieces, heaps of jeans and a super cute Wish skirt. All up I think I got between 40 and 50 items ... for 30 buckaroonies! Some of it I'll be listing on eBay - the other stuff you'll see me wearing sometime soon.

Happy opping and treasure hunting.

Oh, and remember I'm holding a GIVEAWAY ... please join!

Over and Out


Work Outfit Challenge - Day 68.

A happy greeting from a rather bleak looking day for a short work week this week. Today the temperature range here in Toowoomba is apparently 15-17. How pathetic! The cooler weather is definitely rearing its ugly head and I'm not likely it. I also am not liking that the boy looked up the weather for our two day trip to Byron Bay and apparently it's meant to be raining. Oh well, I guess we just have to make the most of it!

Had some great opping and jumble sale adventures on the weekend which I'll share in a separate post.

Ewww, I should have actually bothered with my hair this morning ... not so nice photos coming up.

    DSC02855   DSC02858  
Wearing: skirt - Cue via Vinnies, top - very old (ValleyGirl), necklace - Forever New, headband - Equip, tights - Wicked, shoes - Diana Ferrari via Salvos.

And for good measure the other man in my life. Aint he adorable?


Flea market finds post coming shortly.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This morning I received an email in my inbox with the subject 'winner winner chicken dinner'... immediate thought - WTF and then, oh it must be spam.

But no, it was not spam. It was telling me I'd won a giveaway on the broke ass bride - a wedding stationery pack from Esty seller BonMoment!

My prize includes save-the-date postcards, 5X7 wedding invites, 50 matching envelopes, RSVP postcards, menu cards, and wedding programs and we can pick the design.

I think our (my) pick will be the Spicy Papel Picado set although the Classy Mustache Set would look cute in a different colour.

image image

the bonus is you can choose from a large range of colours too!

YAY! The only slight issue we have is that we'd discussed using a photo from the e-shoot on our invitations. I wonder if our prize would stretch that far to incorporate a photo because we will not need the save-the-dates. Even if it doesn't how awesome! I'm rapt!


Work Outfit Challenge - Day 67 with some B.O

Oh no ... I have B.O. today. Stinky, stinky B.O.

Just kidding friends. B.O - BLUSH OVERLOAD. Sometimes I go a little crazy with my friend Mr Blusher. And so do some of my friends.

Exhibit A

lol. Just a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon in outback Queensland quite a few years ago now.

Exhibit B

Sorry girls I just had to do it - a perfect example of B.O.

Anyway, now that I've horrified you with these photos I'll show you today's B.O.

I got this Wish dress at Myer at 75% off the marked price. Man I hang out for that time of year when the signs change over from 50% off to 75% off. JOY! It's a silk dress that says dry clean only but I'm not going to get a dress dry cleaned when it cost less than it would to get it dry cleaned. The issue is that it was sitting in the Myer bag crinkled up and was really creased. I washed it on the hand wash cycle in the washing machine and tried to hand iron it but failed a little. Oh well, it's still cute with its wrinkles and all.


DSC02824Wearing: dress - Wish, sandals - pulp (op shop), waist tie/belt - from another dress

Super, super excited about mum and my FAVOURITE church sale which is on tomorrow. Without a doubt I'll have some awesome treasures to share with you next week.

Stay safe and party on this weekend.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway and tell all your blog friends!

Over and Out


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giveaway Time

Hey peeps.

I've decided to do a giveaway NOT because I want a gazillion new followers but BECAUSE I bought something that is super cute and does not fit.

The prize??

The ASOS double finger cross ring in SILVER (pictured below in gold)

It is a size small and would suit those of you with non-podgy type fingers.

All you have to do is be a follower (thank you to my lovely 35 followers at present) and leave a comment on this post. Oh and tell your friends!

I'll draw the winner next Thursday about this time ... a nice little easter surprise for someone!

I urge you to only become a follower if you actually like what you see and read ... not just for the sake of winning a giveaway. I love getting new followers and even love comments more so get a reading! I do daily outfit posts, stuff related to weddings (mine is in November), op shop and garage sale finds and some other random shiz-niz as I see fit.

: )

Over and Out


Green Wedding Shoes Adoration

Green Wedding Shoes (who featured our e-shoot) share some of the most unique, creative and awesome weddings.

Latest idea crushes:

image  image found here


image image found here

How awesome are those invitations?!

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 66 - I love bows.

What a beautiful Thursday. I started the day off with a 6am RPM (spin) class which really gets the heart rate pumping but boy, it's getting harder and harder to get up when the alarm goes off! Ignore the freshly washed frizz-wa hair.

Remember to go check out my column over at finda which should be up sometime today.

p 551p 554p 552p 558
Wearing: dress - Forcast, tights - Ambra, shoes - Novo via op shop, Accessories - Diva & Lovisa.

Peace out Homies. Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway very soon!

Over and Out


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 65.

Hey peeps! Happy hump day. Did you read the translation from our feature on the German blog I wrote about yesterday? Man, I read it to the boy on our way to trivia at the pub last night and had tears rolling down my face. He wasn't that amused - what he was more amused at is that he sat through an entire green light because he was so engrossed in my amazing and enthusiastic reading skills.

There was a pretty funny comment too ...

Something different. The pictures with the duck pleased me best. The vintage style is really something. Especially the last with the light beautifully romantic.

I didn't see a duck ... did you? p 540p 537p 538    p 541     
Wearing: dress - vintage, flats - Siren.

Gotta run ... have got to prepare our monthly morning tea. YUM!

Over and Out


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guten Tag for Work Outfit Challenge - Day 64.

I guess you're wondering why I'm greeting you in German on this rather late Tuesday post. Well, I found out earlier today that our e-shoot was featured on a German blog! The story got a little lost in translation but how exciting that we are truly GLOBAL!

Toowoomba, the garden city in southern Queensland is among one of the cleanest and most peaceful places in Australia. This is the home of Darren from Metro Ck Photography , who is known for its beautiful vintage styled photo series.

S as well as today's engagement session from Peta and the patient experience with a vintage antique rarities, as they are known only from museums. Peta parents avid collector of old things and the collection ranges from antique furniture, to radios from the 50s, old bikes out of old collector cars, like the restored images from the FJ Holden.

The arrangement of the in-house collectors collection makes this vintage photo shoot at an incredible bracing experience. The perfection is achieved by the beautiful decoration of Vera and Rose and it really lacks for nothing. Even a short trip by plane (mind you a collector's item from the second world war) is a real highlight.

But the most romantic part of the day was Pat's marriage proposal. Between cycling and a romantic picnic on the way, her Peta Pat jumped at the neck, which is clearly happy to be interpreted as a YES.

And how cute is yes, because of your dog, which held the two at every turn? Formalwear and tie he already fits like a glove at this early wedding party.Simply wonderful!

My year of studying German in grade 8 clearly did not help in deciphering the text in this blog post. Anyway, danke Patricia and Alexander of Hochzeitswahn (NO idea what this means)

I had a meeting to attend to attend with various faculty staff so I dressed a little more formal than normal as was a poet and didn't know it.

p 526

p 527

p 531Wearing: top - Basque (op shop), pants - Banana Republic (purchased in the USA), shoes - Diana Ferrari (Myer), sunnies - Cassette Society

Over and Out


Monday, April 11, 2011

Lolly Buffet Love

Being an OTT lolly lover and seeing so many cool lolly buffets on all the fabulous blogs about the place, I had already decided to have a lolly buffet before we even got engaged.

My twinnie and I love lollies ... when I was younger and people would ask what my favourite food was, nine times out of ten I would say with enthusiasm 'lollies!!!!' This love of candy almost definitely contributed to the big bucks I ended up paying my oh so lovely dentist in the recent past to repair probably ten years worth of holes and damage.

There are a couple of vendors around town who will set up a lolly buffet for you ... AND charge you a bazillion dollars for it. There are some really nice jars with lids at Targets but at $35 a pop you may as well pay to hire them. But being the thrifty (and scungy) chick I am I have already picked up two very large glass vases (one looks new) for our buffet. I still have a few yet to get but I have plenty of time to keep hunting.

With a bit of a clean I think this old chest of drawers (blogged about here) will fit the bill, adorned with vintage lace doileys and maybe some bunting signage to direct guests to the sweets.

On Friday one of my newest blog 'friends' pip posted about her ideas for the lolly bar for her wedding also scheduled for November. I am in love with the stickers she's ordered off etsy to stick on her lolly bags for guests to fill up.

Pip's choice:

Some other cool ones:


Check em out in Etsy seller's MAUpromos shop...

Pip, you may have inspired me to use some of these labels too. I hope that's alright.

Inspiration from Sweet Station, Wedding SA, Polka Dot Bride, Wedding Bee and Weddings Events.


What sort of lollies would you have? Ours are a secret until the BIG day.

Over and Out.