Friday, April 30, 2010

"I will only have six beers"

So my partner and I are heading on an Asian adventure in October and are madly scrimping and saving to pay it off by the end of June. Now I am without doubt what you would find if you looked up 'shopaholic' in the dictionary. I am constantly thinking about shopping. I get at least 20 emails every day advertising fashion sales, discounts, searches I've saved on eBay amongst other shopping related communications. I habitually check out sites like and just in case I've missed some sort of great deal on what most of the time is something I do not need or already own in a slightly different colour or style.

So the boy tells me the other day that until the holiday is paid for that he has set the following restrictions:

  • I am not allowed to shop retail - this includes eBay but I can op shop and do garage sales
  • He will not drink more than 6 beers when he goes to the pub - something I thought he would never voluntarily enter himself in to and a restriction that he is highly likely not to be able to adhere to
So anyway, I'm going fine so far. Please note it has been less than a week!!!

Any SALE related email that makes its way into my inbox is deleted straight away to remove all temptation and offers of trips to the shops are quickly dismissed as I would not like to test out my willpower. It is actually quite a difficult challenge but one that I'm hoping I can complete. So the next two months I'll post cool stuff I get at op-shops and garage sales. I truly love the thrill of digging through racks and drawers of
pre-loved dresses, tops, shoes and especially vintage clutches and finding something that you just want to yell out 'YES!!!!!!!!' (as in) how cool that:

  1. someone has given this away and
  2. that I found it before someone else did
Totally bummed though that I'll miss the bulk of the end-of-financial-year sales.


Dinner and wine with these girls tomorrow night - can't wait!!!

Over and Out XOX0

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Now You Are Cool By Association

hey hey one and all, This is me. A 20-something Queenslander who loves to shop, loves to eat and generally loves life. I'm here to share my bargain purchases, rave about good places I've visited, food I've eaten, drinks I've consumed or good times I've had. Things I LOVE
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Op Shopping
  • Garage Sales
  • EBay
  • Any other type of shopping not listed above
  • Netball
  • TV box sets - currently watching One Tree Hill season 6
  • My dog

That might do for now. Pretty lame first post I know.

Over and Out XOX0