Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 70 and Pump it LOUDER.

hump day, pump day is what I always refer to Wednesday as. You see I go to a Les Mills pump (weights) class every Wednesday at 12pm. The instructor Tash has been trying to convince me for yonks to become an instructor. I have always had it at the back of my mind but never really thought really in depth about it as standing up on a stage in front of a class full of people with a microphone yelling out instructions isn't high on my list of must do's in life.

But, today she had me stand up on stage with her for all to see. The verdict? Not as nerve racking as I would have thought although I didn't have to say anything - just participate like I normally would. It costs a decent amount of money to get certified but man, if I could look anything like one of these promo posters how could I NOT do it? Still considering it and will continue to ponder abs of steel.

Luckily Leah (my trusty photographer), took my outfit photos BEFORE the big class cos let me tell you people, I'm not looking too glam now.

DSC02979    DSC02983 Wearing: top - Aero (thrifted), harem pants - Blue Juice (jumble sale), shoes - Diana Ferrari (Myer), earrings - Lovisa

Last day tomorrow before 12 days off! Wahoooo.

What have you got planned for Easter?

Over and Out


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nais said...

love the blue top chic. ruffles are a favourite.

and oh how i miss bodypump! my favourite hours at the gym.

we have a vintage fair down near us over the easter weekend. and my family are comming for a beach weekend. couldn't ask for a better easter!

enjoy your days off chic.