Friday, September 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 169.

Today I didn't have the urge to choose something to wear so after managing to go for almost 9 working months I finally caved and decided to wear one of our non-compulsory uniform polo shirts. This is a pretty typical uniform in our section particularly on Fridays. I did get a few weird looks this morning as this is not something I have ever worn before.

What type of person are you?  If you are provided a uniform, are you happy to wear it every day and keep your personal clothes for non-work purposes? Or are you like me and like to show your style and individualism day in, day out? Lots of people like the ease of not having to choose an outfit in the mornings but I like the challenge.

what do you reckon, should they put this on the website?

p 1115

I am already on the home page and maybe that picture is slightly nicer?


Nothing special today.

p 1116
 p 1103 p 1102

p 1101 
shirt: uniform
jeans: lee riders
shoes: diana ferrari @ vinnies

Hopefully on Monday I'll have some exciting treasures to share with you! Have a great Friday and weekend.

Over and Out


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 168.

Today was one of those days where I got dressed inside and then walked out to the car only to realise how cold and miserable a day it was. I was not prepared to go inside to add tights or change so decided to just roll with this slightly-inappropriate-for-the-weather getup.

p 1083

p 1091

p 1094

p 1093

p 1086Wearing:
top: all about eve @ myer
skirt: cue @ vinnies
flats: eBay
blazer: esprit outlet

yay it's Friday tomorrow. That means its one day closer to my favourite twice-annual church sale. I usually go with mum and the boy tags along but this time mum will be out of town so the boy has to play mum and boy role. Basically we need to make sure we get in there as soon as it opens and scour the room for our favourite things and then do an in depth look to find hidden treasures.

Mum and I are actually contemplating starting a vintage hire business to hire out props and crockery/cutlery/pretties for photo shoots, weddings and parties. As far as we can tell there is nothing like that in our neck of the woods and more and more people are using props and vintage paraphernalia in event styling. My wedding in 5 weeks will be a great showcase for our dinnerwear stock and then hopefully we'll be able to get up and running. First call of business is actually coming up with a name.

I need your help!

We have stuff like old radios, gramophones, maps, suitcases, bikes, barware, picnic sets, crockery, cutlery, napkins, and much more. You can see how they could be used here in our e-shoot as well as here where mum supplied some old timber tennis racquets.

I had come up with Hoarders Vintage Hire and then would put a tag line underneath to further explain what is up for hire but am totally up for suggestions. Do you think having a word like hoarders could have negative connotations?

Over to you vintage lovers ; )

Over and Out


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 167.

Today I consulted my challenge settee and she agreed that this outfit could satisfy the cute country challenge she set months ago. I really do love the simplicity and stylishness of a crisp white collared shirt - even better when you got it for about $3.00 and have worn it many a time.

To further concrete this outfit as my country outfit here is my attempt at a doe-c-doe. Yeeeeeeeee-HA!


I keep getting that man's voice in my head from the old heel and toe > slap, slap, slap > swing your partner dance we all learnt at school. I can't find a good youtube clip for it though.

I picked up these jeans at Trade Secret a few weeks back and have only just had them hemmed of course by my super granny. I had planned to wear them with wedges for a 70s feel but I think they might be slightly too short. Oh well, they are a perfect fit so I can't complain.





P1050938  P1050935    P1050936Wearing:
shirt: yarra trail
jeans: roxy @ trade secret
belt: rusty
loafers: shoobiz
sunnies: vintage
bag: tony bianco

Off to the gym in a sec. peace out.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 166.

I have a love/hate relationship with these shoes. I picked them up on Saturday at Sportsgirl pacific fair for 50% off - originally $129.95 and snapped up for $20 because they were the last size. For $20, how could I leave them behind?


Problem is I can barely walk in them and look worse than a 2 year old walking around in mummy's heels. I wore this skirt all the day back on day 72 of my challenge and upon reflection, I like it better with the black shirt.


DSC04597 DSC04598

    DSC04602         DSC04613

top: review @ lifeline
skirt: vintage sportscraft
clutch: vintage leather @ vinnies (50c!)
heels: sportsgirl

Gosh my hair looks terrible today.

That is all.

Over and Out


Monday, September 26, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 165.

Hey all and happy Monday, 40 days away from our big day! Eek! We attended a friend's wedding this past weekend on the gold coast and it was fabulous! It was

Here are some snaps from the day


Today's choice of outfit centred around this awesome kids brownies top I picked up at vinnies a couple of weeks ago. The kids section cannot be ignored - I've often found ladies size 8 gear in there and it is like $1 or $2 - a small tip for all you inexperienced oppers out there! This however is not a ladies top - it's a brownie's official uniform top. I was never in the brownies or the girl guides for that matter but who cares!



DSC04583  DSC04586



top: circa 1990 - vinnies
skirt: valleygirl via garage sale
loafers: diana ferrari @ vinnies
bangles: equip
sunnies: valleygirl

Decided to go sans-makeup today. Always good to give your skin a break ... might need to book in for a facial closer to the wedding for that much needed glow.

Till tomorrow, over and out


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 164.

Today I finally decided to tackle another challenge set to me by a workmate ... white on white. The A - Z Style Guide also lists white as one of the trends to try so here goes.

W is for White Out

I'm not sure I like it ... I have already been described as virginal and feel as if I should be going to church later today or playing matron at a hospital but anyway, another challenge done and dusted. Speaking of challenges, I'd love to hear how a person can go to work looking like someone from never never land or Alice in wonderland without looking like they are in fancy dress. Earlier in the year I was asked if I was wearing a costume to work one day but was not phased at all ... the person doing the asking was wearing what could only be described as a wear-to-bed tracksuit.

p 1074

p 1075

p 1072    p 1078  p 1076Wearing:
all items thrifted
skirt: portmans
top: sussan
belt: vintage dress
shoes: vintage italian leather
bag: spanish vintage       

On another topic I'd love to hear your thoughts on guys running out in public without their shirt on. Now don't get me wrong. Just because I am getting married does not mean I can't and don't appreciate a hot guy or nice body but yesterday driving home from work I saw a guy running along shirtless and didn't even bother to have a perve cos I couldn't get past the 'oh, what a tool' feelings. I mean it wasn't even that hot (the temperature that is!)

So how bout you? Perver or Not?

Off to the coast tomorrow, yay!

Over and Out


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 163.

Rocking a supreme 70s vintage maxi I picked up a couple of weeks ago and have received quite a few compliments already. It's comfy, beautifully coloured and perfect for spring!


DSC04448  DSC04450    DSC04454           Wearing:
dress: vintage
sunnies: valleygirl

Going to attempt a challenge for tomorrow ...stay tuned.

over and out