Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 106.

Super late post today but I now am an accredited senior first aider. Yay for me. I've got a bit of a mumsy outfit on today in honour of two of my very good and brave friends each giving birth to beautiful baby girls in the last couple of days. A huge congrats to Karla and Craig in welcoming Isabella Rose and to Lisa and David for finally bringing in to the world Alanah Joan. Can't wait to meet them both.

Oh, and I wonder why I'm wearing this outfit. I aspire NEVER to look mumsy when I'm an actual mum so why I am doing so now? I'll leave that with you.

Excited to meet up with stylist and florist extraordinaire Erin tonight!




DSC03351    Wearing: top - Gordon Smith, belt - Oroton circa 1990, loafers - Rockfort (all thrifted), tights - Target

Off to monthly afternoon drinks.

Over and Out


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 105 ... Preppy with frilled Socks.

Really, really super quick post today during my lunch break from my first aid course. This morning we have learnt the basics about first aid and CPR and I found out that this course is the equivalent of the Senior First Aid Certificate so I am partly on my way to becoming a pump instructor.

p 974

p 966

p 967

p 972Wearing: jumper and socks - Roxy (outlet), top underneath - vintage, pants - jump (thrifted), booties - Kmart.

And to make your all salivate check out the pizzas sissy and I made on Friday night ... the lamb, pumpkin, rocket and yoghurt one was delicious!

p 964

And shopping adventures on the weekend - not successful but will take any opportunity to hang out with these gals.

p 965

Must run, over and out


all photos taken on my iphone cos some silly girl forgot to charge her SLR battery!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 104.

It's little ol vintage me today sporting a frock I picked up a month or two ago for about $3. It's comfy, light and has beautiful accents of red with it's matching belt and fake pocket hanky (is that what it is?!) You like?





DSC03329   DSC03332 Wearing: dress and sunnies - vintage, top underneath - Dotti, wedges - Target @ Vinnies, headband - Diva, earrings - Lovisa

Ah, feeling much more me than yesterday. I'm doing first aid training tomorrow and Thursday so think I'll be sporting casual chic.

That's all from me.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 103.

Today's outfit I've decided is not really me. I guess it's semi corporate and I just don't really fit in that genre. AND, I forgot to take my lovely pedometer off and doesn't it just look dandy (today's step count thus far ... 4964)?!


DSC03315Wearing: top - Lili (thrifted), skirt - Basque @ Myer, tights - Big W, heels - Lipstik (thrifted)

I'm going to wear something completely non-corporate tomorrow. Not much else to say today so you'll be hearing from me tomorrow.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 102.

Happy Friday buddies! Only 6ish hours till the weekend. The boy and I are heading down to Brisvegas this afternoon for footy and pizza tonight with my fave girl (and her fave boy) and b.maid dress shopping tomorrow. If you haven't already check out my wedding checklist post.

I had this dress made in Vietnam and was rather disappointed in the end result. It wasn't exactly like the picture I had provided them even though they promised they could copy it exactly and it just doesn't fit as snugly as I want it to. My recommendation is if you are going to get things tailored, INSIST that they keep changing your item until you are satisfied. Even if they think it is too tight or too short do not listen. Ultimately YOU are the one that has to wear it. I have another dress that was not cheap to get made and in the end I just wish I never had got it made.

p 960

p 938

p 948

p 949

p 951

p 947Wearing: dress - tailored in Vietnam, top - Target (thrifted), tights - asos, heels - Fiorelli via Myer, headband - pressie from sis.

While you're blog trawling, go check out the here comes the sun blog and enter her giveaway to win one of five Kings of Carnaby dresses.

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Wedding Checklist

Well, it's a little over 4 months left to the wedding and I'm constantly being asked how the wedding plans are going. I am always replying to people saying everything is fine and basically organised but I thought it might be about time to put it down in writing what has been done to reveal what hasn't ...

warning ... photo heavy post!

the venue

this lovely place ... we have hired it out for the entire weekend (so people can camp) and will watch the sun go down from this exact spot.


marquee site during the day

thanks Glenn Courtney for your images!

the ceremony

More than likely in this spot with these chairs if I can track them down!

images - Murphy's Creek Escape and Jonas Peterson

the styling

Stylishly adorned with vintage mismatched crockery, cutlery and napkins I've been collecting for months in a beautiful silk-lined fairy lighted marquee complete with a lolly buffet. Throw in a old suitcase, some vintage scrabble table names, a spot of bunting and a typewriter or two, some props for dress ups and that sums up the vision in my head.


 Pics from Ruffled blog, Bridal Survival, Estilo Weddings, Beautiful Little Weddings and Godney Marquees,

the food

There wasn't a lot of options catering wise (and to our budget) in our area so we have decided on a three course spit roast meal. At first I was a little hesitant thinking that it might be a little 'simple' but am now super happy about our choice. It's us to a tee.

the drinks

Good beer, quality wine and champagne kept cold in this old boat and served in these delicious jars (but with much cuter straws)


Oh and water, softdrink, tea and coffee. I'm thinking I might see if I can find some old rusty twinings tins for the tea.

the hair and makeup

my gorgeous and talented twin sis will be doing my hair. The bridesmaids will be having their hair styled and make-up applied by Kylie Nolan. I haven't really searched for inspiration for hair or makeup yet but thinking I'll be having an up do and some smashing earrings.

the dress

purchased from net-a-porter and pending alterations - all will be revealed on the DAY!

the bridesmaid dresses

i've been a bridesmaid twice. And it was lovely. But I have two dresses now that I i will NEVER wear again and probably paid well over $500 for the pair of them. So, I decided pretty early on in the piece that I wanted the girls to wear different dresses - ones that they will want to wear again. I believe it isn't fair to make your gal pals wear the same dress when almost 100% of the time one single dress won't fit every single body type. I also wanted a POW of colour so at this stage I'm envisaging different colours as well. My twinnie has already selected her dress and we are off shopping on Saturday for a dress for Jess. If we find some great dresses that are in the same colour range I might just change my tune.

Loving these mismatchers:


image  image

pic 1, pic 2, pic 3, pic 4

the shoes



the photography

Who else but our amazing e-shoot team - Darren Nolan of ckMetro photos and Loren Jarvis photography.

the music

Three piece pub rock covers band so we can dance the night away.

the flowers

Meeting with the funky Erin from Vera and Rose next week (who styled our e-shoot) to talk flowers (and general styling). I've even hinted to her that I might let her have free reign on the flowers as I'm not set on any specific types.

the invitations

Won from the Broke Ass Bride from online store Bon Moment - thinking this set ...

yet to be organised

the celebrant (but meeting up next week)

mr fiancé's suit

the groomsmen's attire

the cake

What have I forgotten?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 101.

I experimented today with a pair of pants I thought might be okay that I shoved into a $5 bag at the monthly salvos bag sale. I like the pastelly blue colour but do not love how high they are! Don't you just love my pedometer accessory? Now I have seen what they look like I think they are a bit too ill-fitting in certain areas ...

p 910

Remember a while back I attempted geek chic ... I think this time I've nailed geek geek.

p 923 p 906

p 919

p 918

p 917

Hungry bum much??

p 913Wearing: top - trade secret, pants - Salvos, brogues - asos.

I think these pants will be returning to the op shop.

Peace out homies.

p 920

Over and Out