Monday, January 31, 2011

Op Shop Finds - 2011, take 2 and a beautiful sunset

Us people here in Toowoomba have been lucky in that Vinnies have had a half price sale on for what seems like weeks now. Here is a selection of what I've picked up lately.
THE best find of the week - isn't he just adorable! It's quite big and was $8.00. He is now residing in the spare bedroom.
p 155
Piper (Myer) dress - $3.00
p 121
Jag shorts - $3.50
p 122 
Natasha dress - a bit pricey at $6.00 p 124
Guess Jeans - $2.50 - you may see these on eBay soon p 126   
Cotton On dress i wore last week - $2.00p 130
Blue Juice dress - LOVES it - $2.50 p 131
Vintage Sportscraft top - $3.00p 132
Lorna Jane Yoga Pants - $2.00p 133
Espirit Linen Pants - $2.50p 134     
Blue Juice top/dress - $2.50p 140
Vintage maxi - a bit pricey at $5.50 p 144
Vintage dress - $3.00 - I'm thinking of removing the top layer
p 145
p 146 
IMMACULATE Glomesh purse - still in the box with tags and all - $7.00. Check out the awesome diamond opening.
 p 150 p 151 p 152  p 154
And for good measure I thought I'd throw in some shots of the beautiful sunset driving home from Stanthorpe to Toowoomba on Saturday.p 164 p 165p 169This Friday and Saturday is the Toowoomba Swap Meet - the second largest in Australia. I can't wait - hopefully I'll have heaps of cool stuff for show and tell next Monday.
Till then ...
Over and Out

Tomorrow's Challenge - ORANGE!   

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 18.

Today I'm semi-channelling Lara Croft in a military inspired dress - a challenge that was put forward last week.
 p 180 p 181     p 186   p 189
Wearing: dress & belt - Wayne Cooper (Myer on sale), Heels - Tony Bianco, Sunnies - Cassette Society (Thread People), Watch - Rolex from China (yes it's a fakey), owl earrings - Diva.
Loving: Grenade by Bruno Mars
Op Shop Finds coming soon!
Over and Out

Friday, January 28, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 17.

Welcome to the $20 full outfit challenge --- ha, this was an EASY one! It really helps also when Vinnies is having a half price sale!p 158p 161p 162p 156
Wearing: Maxi Dress - Cotton On via Vinnies ($2.00), Sandals - Vinnies (50c), necklace - Diva ($2.50), earrings - gift, bangle - China ($2.00), bag - vintage ($2.00)
Excited About: one week till the Toowoomba Swap Meet - the second biggest swap meet in Australia!
What are you up to on the weekend? Tonight the boy and I are off to his home town (Stanthorpe) for the show. Stanthorpe is in the Granite Belt region in Qld - known for its many wineries. I might just have to indulge in a wine or two tonight.
Hopefully I'll get to some ops or garage sales in the morning and show you some awesome goodies for Flea Market Finds on Monday.
Over and Out XOXO
(Excuse the dodgy hairdo today)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 16.

Happy Australia Day Eve to you all!
No challenge again today although there are some that have been thrown my way which will be showcased soon.P1040503
Wearing: dress - Basque from Myer on sale, belt - vintage Country Road, sandals - Pulp via op shop, bangle - vintage, hairband - Christmas gift from my twin sis, earrings - Lovisa (gee I need to mix my earrings up a bit!), bag - Sportsgirl - Christmas gift.
What is everyone doing for Australia Day?
I am most likely going to volunteer for some flood clean up at what is (or was) supposed to be our wedding location in the morning and hopefully go to a BBQ at my gorgeous friends Mellie and DJ after that. I have Thursday off work and will be busy, busy visiting oppies, my wax lady and my dressmaker.
Friday's challenge - the $20 full outfit challenge.
Over and Out

Monday, January 24, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 15.

Monday's outfits can sometimes be a bit of a flop as I go to the gym for a boxing class and get ready for work at the gym. This means I have to decide on what I'm wearing the night before. I have a couple of meetings to attend today so had to go a bit corporate.
I think I definitely need challenges from you, the blog community on Mondays!
P1040498 P1040499 P1040500
Wearing: dress - Basque (Myer - on sale), necklace - Forever New, leaf bangle - Diva, Earrings - Lovisa, Ribbon Hairband, Shoes - Diana Ferrari (Minnie style)
Looking Forward to: Australia Day!
Hope you've all had a fantastic weekend
(Oh, the 'L' is signifying a bit of a lemon cleanse type thing I'm attempting for a couple of days this week)
Over and Out

Friday, January 21, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 14.

Hello readers, on this fine boho day.
p 040p 039    p 041
Wearing: Maxi Dress - Dotti ($5.00!), Bangles - Diva/Equip, Bow bracelet - gift from sissy, Hair Band - Diva, Sandals - Pulp (op shop), Ray Bans
Carrying: vintage clutch - Lifeline Vintage Emporium Toowoomba ($4.00) This is one of my all time fave buys.
Girls, get in to Dotti - I went there last night and all SALE items are 50% off the marked price. I got three dresses for under $30!
Have an awesome weekend!
Over and Out

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 13 and a surprise!

Today's challenge came again, from one of my workmates and the challenge was spots - in two ways, in one outfit.
I've seen women about the street OTT'ing on one particular style trend (ever seen someone in top to toe animal print?) and it just ain't good. So you may think I might have cheated this challenge, but I do have two different spots on - even if one of the items is a bangle!
I rode my super cool bike to work today - yes, in this outfit and just as I was about to leave the house I emptied my bike basket to find over $6.00 in there! Don't you just love when you find money when you're not looking for it or expecting to find it? What is the most you've ever found?
I'm quite digging today's outfit - kind of like retro librarian. What do you think?
 P1040468 P1040469P1040471P1040473P1040475 P1040476  P1040478
Wearing: vintage polka dot maxi - previously blogged about here, Belt - Indy C, flats - Siren, red glasses - made in Vietnam, Ray Ban prescription sunnies - made in Vietnam, bangle - DIVA, earrings - gift from a friend - Lovisa
Looking Forward To: talking weddings and e-shoots this Sunday with Darren and Erin ; )
Over and Out XOXO
Challenge for tomorrow anyone?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 12.

I didn't take up any challenges today as I was super busy this morning so just threw on something cool and comfortable.  DSC02549DSC02551     DSC02556
Wearing: Blue Juice dress - Myer (75% off the marked price), sandals - Spendless, scarf - vintage, necklace - Forever New, Bangles - China, Vintage and present from Mr. Fiancé , earrings - Diva
Listening to: Triple J Hottest 100 16
Hope things are fine and dandy wherever you are in the world!
Over and Out

2011 A - Z Style Guide - Courtesy of The Grand Social

I just received one of my many fashion/sale emails and they have listed a style trend in each letter of the alphabet ...

A is for Animal Print
B is for Bows
C is for Checks
D is for Draped
E is for Elegant
F is for Floral
G is for Gathered
H is for Hooded
I is for Ice Blue
J is for Jersey
K is for Knotted
L is for Leather
M is for Maxi Dress
N is for Nautical
O is for Orange
P is for Patchwork
Q is for Quirky
R is for Relaxed
S is for Suede
T is for Terracotta
U is for Underwire
V is for Volume
W is for White Out
X is for Xtralengths
Y is for Youthful
Z is for Zipped Up

Definitely going to conquer all of these in the days and months to come!

Go check out their website at They offer free shipping for ALL orders within Australia regardless of order cost and have some damn cute stuff available! Naturally I checked out the SALE section and am coveting items like:













Anyone want to buy me one of these lovely items?