Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 69.

Howdy partners. How are you all on this fine Tuesday?  I'm a little disheartened by the lack of interest in my giveaway. Is it that people don't actually like my blog or is it just that the ring isn't their style? I hope it's the latter but accept that different people like different things. I do however appreciate my two new followers who have joined and have not opted to enter in to the giveaway - means they are not following because of the prize. That makes me happy : )

I picked up this dress while wondering around our local shopping centre on a Thursday night not quite fulfilled at what I had already purchased. I saw a sign at Tree of Life (a shop I rarely go in) for 50% off the marked price and 50% off always gets me interested. I bought this dress without trying it on but at $22.50 I thought why not? It's pink and polka dot AND has ruffles. If you know my style I am the BIGGEST fan of lace and ruffles and just cannot resist a bit of frill action.

Oh O I have some boobage overhang and I don't really have any boobage to start with. I mean how do you even tone that area of your chest?! Suggestions welcome.
DSC02950   DSC02953 
Wearing: dress - tree of life, shoes - Novo (garage sale), cardi - Target (Lifeline), belt - online.

I'm a bit bored of all the stuff in the shops at the moment. I'm on the look out for a pair of booties to wear to a race day in Stanthorpe in May (it will be COLD) but worry with my cankle situation that NO booties are going to look cute - my legs will just look like tree trunks. I'll keep looking anyway.

I also may have been going a little crazy on asos. It seems I just cannot resist their worldwide free shipping offer - please don't judge me!. These are some of the items that are on their way to me.

noticing a bit of a theme here?

I have taken advice from a co-worker and am clearing out some of my clothes to make way for the new items. Am I the only one who struggles to pull apart two hangers to place another item in the wardrobe? It's a workout and a half for me at the moment. So if you're interested, keep an eye on my items for sale which I'll be listing in the next week or so.

Over and Out



ness said...

Love the red dress and the ruffle skirt.. I can't wait til my items arrive!

J said...

i want some new items :(

I love them all!

Crosswire Dreamers said...

Ah I can totally relate, ASOS is seriously addictive especially because they have great things on sale all the time.
I'm enjoying your posts and I love your blog url I love bargains but then again who doesn't?
Say hello to your new follower ;)

xo Katelyn

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Heya Lovey.... :o) !!

Your dress is GORGEOUS & you look ADORABLE....!

I wouldn't worry about the giveaway....I won't stick my hand in ONLY due to my NON SLENDER like digits....hahahahahaha....Aside from the 'podgies' I'd be in like FLYNN....!!

THANKS for dropping by....No....Just me....I'm pretty strong though don't you worry about that.... :o) !!

Hope the wedding plans are coming along nicely....!!

Cheers from Melbourne,
Tamarah :o)

Fourth Daughter said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I did a giveaway a while ago and didn't get as many responses as expected either, so don't worry about it! I'm sure your ring will go to a good home (by the way, I am not entering as I'm not a fan of crucifixes).
I'm having trouble with the wardrobe cleanout too but that doesn't stop me searching for new accessories on ebay... aggh!