Monday, February 28, 2011

P&P's E-Shoot

I know, I know ... I've been raving about our e-shoot for a while now and I'm delighted to share the results with you.

BIG kudos must go to the following amazingly talented people:
♥    the brilliant and visionary local(!) photographer Darren at ckmetrophotos
♥    stylist extraordinaire Erin at Vera and Rose
♥    attention to detail photographer and dog whisperer Loren Jarvis

This is just a snapshot of the photos ... we get to see the whole collection soon and pick our favourite ten for FULL editing - goodbye double chin lol!

It was a stinking hot day and the boy and I were both pretty under the weather as our engagement party was the day before. Probably not the best idea but I think Darren and Loren did an AMAZING job to disguise (most) of our, some self-inflicted, flaws. Our beautiful (or if you ask Mr. Fiancé, handsome) dog Rocky featured in the photos too.

I'll let the photos do the talking for themselves ...
Thanks again Darren, Loren and Erin ... you rock and can't wait to see the full suite!
Oh and bring on November where we'll be working with this lovely bunch of talents again!

Over and Out


P.S - to view the full shoot go check out Darren's blog at

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 34 - sail away, sail away, sail away

Friends of mine, Abs and Susie suggested 'sailor attire' as a possible challenge and yes, it totally is! I wasn't really feeling the opping vibe on Saturday and failed to find anything which was suitable.

They suggested I use this photo as inspiration but I'm not so sure my workplace would really deem this work appropriate.

So, since I couldn't find a vintage sailor-esque dress this weekend, the sailor attire challenge will be put on the backburner until I can find a good 'costume' ... I instead decided to wear something which someone may wear to the sailing club. FAIL ... for now. Stay tuned.

DSC02597p 283DSC02600

Wearing: Basque (Myer) top - op shop, linen pants - Target on sale, boat brooch - SPortsgirl, watch - Rolex (China markets), shoes - department store in Kuala Lumpur

Separate post to come showcasing our e-shoot. Very excited to share with you all!

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Friday, February 25, 2011

A day At the Races

Toowoomba has a big horse racing culture and our premier race day is being held on our show holiday - 31st March. I LOVE the races ...
I found this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. vintage fascinator at Vinnies the other day for a measley $6.00.


Now I'm looking for a dress to wear to the races to compliment it. Maybe I should even think about a skirt and top combo. I'm thinking cream or navy but would love to hear suggestions as well. There are some gorgeous dresses at Myer at the moment including a perfect Review dress (with a not so perfect price tag) but I don't want to be wearing the same thing as anyone else. I'm watching some Alannah Hill dresses on eBay at the moment cos I adore just about everything she brings out.
Some styles I like which may not be the right colour... asos is calling me - free Worldwide Shipping!

Forever Unique @ asos - $153 USD
Rare @ asos - $62 USD

Arrogant Cat @ asos - $108 USD

Forever Unique @ asos - $161 USD

asos bow shoulder dress - $48 USD - LOVE the back
asos premium lace trim organza dress - $41 USD
Arrogant Cat @ asos - pinch my waist dress - $86 USD. LOVE the colour
asos BLACK olive green dress - $100 USD. Very unique dress and Ilove the back but not sure about the colour.

French Connection cross back dress - $108 uSD. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colour.
I don't really think many of these dresses will compliment my fascinator. Have you seen a dress today that might? Send me the link!

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 33 - Seventies Chick

Hi guys, hope you like my new layout! At the moment, it looks like it's best viewed in Firefox.

One of the current trends making a comeback is seventies! I quite like 70s styles - flowy maxi dresses, high waisted flared pants/trousers, chunky platforms/clogs, boho style blouses - yes please.

I almost jumped for joy when I found this genuine 70s maxi at my local Lifeline for all of about $3. The only complaint I can make is that it is ridiculously too long but who cares, it is still super cute. The photos don't do it justice - I think it looks better on that what it looks like it the photos.


Wearing: dress - vintage via Lifeline, wedges - Target, earrings and bangles - mum's.

Apparently I'm attempting a sailor outfit on Monday - thanks Suse and Abs. Let's hope I can find something decent at the ops this weekend!

Do you like my new layout?

Bloody mum and dad are having a garage sale tomorrow. I'm in two minds - should I be there to help sell some of my stuff or can I leave it with them and head to competing garage sales to replace the stuff that (hopefully) sells?!

Have a terrific weekend everyone.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 32.

My workmate Lisa periodically likes to refer to me as a geek. I think this is loosely based on the the fact that I have a degree in IT and graduated with distinction but sometimes I wonder if she thinks I am a little geeky in other ways. Anyway, she muttered under her breath at a meeting yesterday 'geek' and I thought no, I'm a chic geek.
So that is what today's outfit is based on. I googled 'chic geek' and apparently just about the only criteria to fit in to the chic geek genre is to have a geek-ish looking pair of black oversized frames. CHECK.

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Exhibit C ... even an Olsen twin can be a chic geek

So, I decided a cute floaty blouse and skirt and the obligatory specs (or goggles as my friend Bec likes to call them) would be the key to today's outfit.

p 277
p 282  p 278   
Wearing: top - Sacha Drake via Vinnies (stolen from Twin 1), skirt - eBay (one of my all time best buys), shoes - Siren @ Myer, necklace - made for me at Silk Street Market, Beijing, glasses- Ray Ban @ OPSM, Earrings - old.

Any suggestions for tomorrow?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 31.

Good morning all on this slightly cool hump day.

My attempt at middle eastern attire ... EPIC FAIL. I quickly googled middle eastern fashion yesterday and was displayed images of ladies in saris, belly dancing costumes and birkas. Considering I don't own any of those items, this challenge has therefore been delayed. Maybe I could try and channel the gorgeous ladies in SATC 2 - I actually quite like Carrie's harem pants and peasant looking blouse in this photo. 

So anyway, I opted for a super casual look today with a pair of cargos as kind of a salute to all our bros and sistas fighting for our country over in the middle east. I usually wear this shirt with a singlet underneath as it is a bit thin ... silly mistake not to wear one today ... hello rolls!

p 273

Wearing: top - Jag (obviously), pants - Rusty via op shop, sandals - Pulp via op shop, bangle - Diva courtesy of Mum, earrings - op shop.

The other day I saw a chick wearing a pair of lace up wedge booties which looked awesome. If not for the fact that she was on the phone I may have just approached her to ask where she got them from. She had teamed them with a long shirt and ankle length black leggings. Have you ever approached someone to ask where they bought something? And are you ever convinced to buy something cos it looks so damn good on someone else even though you know it won't look half as good on you.

Case in point ... these wedges by RMK bought from Brands Exclusive. I wish I could find a photo from the campaign - the model totally SOLD them to me. So, I have these now - they are ridiculously high and naturally do not look the best as they have an ankle strap and we all know ankle straps accentuate fat ankles but hopefully I will get to wear them - to dinner, or somewhere which involves LOTS of sitting down. To add more fuel to the fire I accidently ordered 2 when buying them online so gave another pair to my sister as it was easier to give them away than return them.

From memory the totally cute wedge booties looked something like these except they were camel in colour:

$89.99 at Betts

$70.00 at

$169.95 at Tony Bianco

Anyway, if I see any of the wedge booties around I might try them on to see if I can do any sort of justice to how cute they looked on the stylish stranger (in Toowoomba of all places!) Kudos to her fashion sense.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Latest Thrifty Purchases

On the weekend I convinced the boy to visit a garage sale right near home as the description read something along the lines of 'moved to nursing home' ... BINGO!

I got almost as excited as if the subject had read 'deceased estate'. Is it wrong to get a little excited to go searching for vintage and retro treasures even though you know someone had to die to have that particular type of garage sale?

I got another pyrex dish - a beautiful turquoise colour and a pattern I don't have ...

p 241 p 242

Two adorable retro alarm clocks - who said blue and green should never be seen?!

p 246p 248p 247

A glass cake stand - it was marked $3 and I offered $2. The lady had to think long and hard about the $1 discount but eventually mumbled 'okay'p 244  The cutest little camel from the Salvos ...   p 254 p 252

some sweet little birds - the poor little one is missing her beak. Whoops - just realised the tampon in the photo. Please ignore!

p 255and yet another suitcase! p 256

The boy will be out of town this weekend so I think I'll happily do some solo garage saleing and opping.

Happy treasure hunting.

Over and Out