Monday, August 30, 2010

Duck Egg Blue Vintage Typewriter and old school suitcases

There were some fantastic garage/church sales on over the weekend and here is the pick of what I got ...
A mini cane/wicker rocking chair for $5
from bottom to top - a really knocked about suitcase with super cute airplane lining for $3, the blue and brown ones from a church sale for $3 the pair and the pink and orange ones - free from mum and dad's house. Twin 1 and I used these in pre-school!
P1020732-pola01P1020731-pola some vintage pyrex - $1.50 for the pair
some more vintage crockery - the front set of plates and bowls was $1.90!
 P1020745-pola01 P1020746-pola01 P1020751-pola01 P1020752-pola01
and two old school typewriters. The Remington is in IMMACULATE condition and was $5; the brother was $3.

I am very happy with my buys this week! What did you get?

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Vintage Bike and Camera Love

Hey all. How was your weekend?

I had a pretty good weekend. Cards and a few drinks Friday night, garage saleing with the boy and mum Saturday morning, some tidying up around the house including a trip to the dump and a few beers and barefoot bowls on a lovely Saturday afternoon. Yesterday we went to a local car show and the weather was almost perfect.

My best buys this weekend

I saw this bike and although I recently purchased a new 'vintage look' bike I couldn't leave this behind. I asked the husband and wife team how much it was and the lady say 'make me an offer'. I actually find that really frustrating because I really had no idea how much they wanted and didn't want to offend them by offering too low a price. Eventually they said they would start it at $50. I ummmed and ahhhed but didn't really have $50 in the budget for it and told the lady the most I could give her was probably $30 and surprisingly she let me have it. Even more surprising was the boy was quite supportive in my purchase! I think the lady was having a bit of a hard time letting it go since it was her original bike from the 60s but I assured her I'd take good care of it.




I also picked up an old school CANON video camera - another thing that the boy thought was pretty cool. This was $2. I have an idea of how I want to display this so one day I might be able to show you a photo of it in all its vintage display-worthy glory.


Photos from the car show

I'll finish with some photos from the Car Show (my mum and dad are in our local FX-FJ Holden Car Club).

It was a beautiful day at Leyburn, Queensland for the Historic Leyburn sprints.

P1020620-pola01 P1020600-pola

P1020615-pola   P1020610-pola P1020590-pola 


Mum and Dad's FJ

Hope your week is wonderful!

Over and Out XOXO

Friday, August 20, 2010

Aimless Wandering

Does anyone go to places like Kmart or Big W and wander around aimlessly for an extended period of time and then leave with a bag of goodies you never really intended on buying?

I actually went there with the intention of picking up one of these

cupcakepic from
cupcake carriers and had plans to make all kinds of yummy treats on the weekend but alas, I couldn’t find it so started my Kmart adventure to find all kinds of stuff to buy instead.

I picked up a cute dressy top for $8, a pair of skinny leg pants (pull on so super comfy) for $6 and three tops from their Bub2B range for $6 each. Yes, they are maternity tops but no, I am not preggers. I totally recommend swinging past the maternity section of your local chain store – it’s always worth a look.

I also picked up a new nailpolish for $1.75! Kmart currently has a promotion for $3 off Face of Australia cosmetics. Unfortunately there was only 1 bottle left in their brights range otherwise I would have picked up one in every colour! For the price it’s pretty good – I want the pink, green and light blue! Wink wink, nudge nudge to those readers I know that live in other parts of the country who want to go find them for me ; )

The young girl at the checkout was quite obviously looking for my baby bump until I advised her that I wasn’t pregnant – she said that she was thinking that I had no signs of being pregnant and was hiding it very well – that’s nice to know. She then gave me a huge compliment about my One Teaspoon dress I was wearing (from eBay) as did the next girl waiting in line. Isn’t it nice to get compliments from strangers?!!

Hope the rain we’ve been having today clears up so that I can check out some garage sales tomorrow morning. Totally excited about a market and car boot sale – oh the possibilities! Have a great weekend everyone – hope it’s full of bargains!

Over and Out XOXO

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Culottes – should they stay in the 90s?

I just received my regular Freez newsletter and have set my eye on a pair of culottes. I know I shouldn’t be buying anything at the moment but I love lace and these would be perfect for our travels.

I had a pair or two of culottes back in the 90s. What great deception they bring – the look of a skirt but with the privacy of shorts.

Culottes allowed twin 1 and I to cartwheel and play on our homemade bars looking girly wearing ‘skirts’  without flashing everyone our Punky Brewster undies.

10-10-2008 8-15-07 AM 
Although this is not a photo wearing culottes, twin 1 and 1 are wearing another staple 90s outfit – the bike pant suit.

32-x-A4-Layouts-HR-25-01 Photo from

It could be a case of them looking so damn good on the model that I am convinced they could look half as good on me.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Approaching 10

So a lot of the blogs I read (and follow) are celebrating and doing give-aways for reaching 100 or 1000 followers. Is it weird that I am slightly excited that I am approaching 10? Of the 8 people who officially follow my blog I personally know 3. Does that make my ‘stats’ less significant?
if you can call 8 followers after blogging for 3+ months significant

Is the amount of followers a good indication of how many people out there trawling the interweb (as the boy calls it) have stumbled across my blog and are half interested in what I have to say?

So, if you are out there and reading, send me a message, become a follower or just leave me a comment.

I smile inside and out when I get notification that someone has left a new comment.

Our holiday is creeping up – 6 weeks on Friday till we leave!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend – here is a pic of me and the boy visiting my favourite chick in the whole world – my twin sis on the Sunshine Coast.


Over and Out XOXO

Monday, August 9, 2010

A thrifty weekend

The boy was out of town all weekend so I went searching for garage sale bargains with the parentals early Saturday morning.

Here are some of my treasures:


A vintage Qantas bag from a deceased estate sale a while back for $2


A huge owl cookie jar that is missing his lid for $2– I’m going to attempt to grow some herbs in here and will post a picture once he finds his spot in the garden (if you can call it that!) This came from what we guessed was a deceased estate sale. We got there a bit before 9am – we wondered what other treasures could have come home with us if we’d got there earlier.


Some old school crockery – I’m getting some together for an idea I have for in the future. The set of bowls on the left were $3, the jug was $1, the plate was $2 and the other bowls were $2 – all old English.


Another cookbook stand for the kitchen for $2 – come in very handy when the cookbooks are actually used and not just sitting on display! Needs a bit of a clean and maybe a touch of paint.

P1020410 P1020411

The boy got this last weekend – it’s Australia’s answer to Monopoly where you actually play for sheep stations. Was a good way to fill in a dreary Saturday afternoon. This was $2. Because I had no ‘YES!’ moments last weekend he said that I could let everyone know he had one lol. I also picked up Scrabble on Saturday for $2.


And last but not least another vintage dress with a pussy-bow collar that (of course) needs re-hemming – fifty cents!

Hope everyone had a terrific weekend and has a great week ahead. Less than 8 weeks until the boy and I head off on our Vietnam & China adventure!

Over and Out XOXO

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It’s just like riding a bike

You know when you’ve ordered something online and you are waiting and waiting for it to arrive and when it finally arrives you want to rip it open like it’s Christmas day?

Well I ordered a retro (but new) bike last week and have been anxiously waiting its arrival.

Well it arrived today! Can’t wait to finish work this afternoon and take it over for my trusty daddy dearest to put it together.


Now, where oh where do I get a decent looking helmet?