Monday, April 11, 2011

Lolly Buffet Love

Being an OTT lolly lover and seeing so many cool lolly buffets on all the fabulous blogs about the place, I had already decided to have a lolly buffet before we even got engaged.

My twinnie and I love lollies ... when I was younger and people would ask what my favourite food was, nine times out of ten I would say with enthusiasm 'lollies!!!!' This love of candy almost definitely contributed to the big bucks I ended up paying my oh so lovely dentist in the recent past to repair probably ten years worth of holes and damage.

There are a couple of vendors around town who will set up a lolly buffet for you ... AND charge you a bazillion dollars for it. There are some really nice jars with lids at Targets but at $35 a pop you may as well pay to hire them. But being the thrifty (and scungy) chick I am I have already picked up two very large glass vases (one looks new) for our buffet. I still have a few yet to get but I have plenty of time to keep hunting.

With a bit of a clean I think this old chest of drawers (blogged about here) will fit the bill, adorned with vintage lace doileys and maybe some bunting signage to direct guests to the sweets.

On Friday one of my newest blog 'friends' pip posted about her ideas for the lolly bar for her wedding also scheduled for November. I am in love with the stickers she's ordered off etsy to stick on her lolly bags for guests to fill up.

Pip's choice:

Some other cool ones:


Check em out in Etsy seller's MAUpromos shop...

Pip, you may have inspired me to use some of these labels too. I hope that's alright.

Inspiration from Sweet Station, Wedding SA, Polka Dot Bride, Wedding Bee and Weddings Events.


What sort of lollies would you have? Ours are a secret until the BIG day.

Over and Out.



danielle said...

This is the one regret I have about my wedding- I so wish I'd done a lolly buffet! Love your inspiration pics. While your on the topic of etsy and weddings- check out
and also a seller called Lulusplendor- her stuff is devine.
Fave lolly- toss up between red frogs and raspberry bullets. mmmm.

pip a la chic said...

Of course that's fine! That's what the post was about... to give my tips to other people as well. I'll be the first ones out of my friends to have a lolly bar so I'm pretty excited. Check out Reject Shop and Hot Dollar for different size vases. Cheap as chips!

J said...

Musk sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura said...

This is so beautiful!! thanks for the inspiration.I love looking at lolly buffets :) We are having a lolly buffet at our wedding in October are hiring our jars from Sugarhigh so I get to design it myself, thanks for the inspiration :)