Thursday, April 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 71.

Hey peoples. Bit of a late post today as I've been a bit BUSY!

I have a couple of things to share ...

1) our e-shoot got featured on another website ... this time the Queensland Brides blog! What makes this even more exciting is that we are their VERY first engagement shoot to be featured on the blog AND ... wait for it ... we will be featured in the upcoming Winter 2011 edition of the MAGAZINE!

2) The portal where I was doing my weekly 'bagging a bargain' column has been shut down by APN so I can no longer claim to be a columnist. I'm pretty disappointed cos I was really starting to get in to it but obviously not as devastated as the staff at Finda who have been working their butts off for the last 12 months to get the site up and ready. Shout out to the Finda team - I was really looking forward to meeting you guys and continuing to find bargains for the people of Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

3) a HUGE thanks to Aimee at The Posh Op Shopper for giving me some hints for our couple of days in Byron Bay next week. Can't wait to explore the op shops and boutiques in the region. We are praying for fine weather despite the very real chance that it will be raining the whole time.

DSC02989Wearing: dress - vintage, waist tie - from another dress, wedges - Target at Vinnies, headband - Equip.

have a lovely Easter and remember you have about an hour till my giveaway is drawn.

You'll be hearing from me next month ; )

till then, over and out



Ness said...

Some good and bad news hey. It's a shame bout finda, I enjoyed that x

Erica Louise said...

wow thats exciting being featured in a magazine! Sad about Finda tho

Angela said...

Hey Hun, my username is Paperbag-Princess... what's yours?

Frankie Sunshine said...

Love the dress and hope you are enjoying Byron Bay, a little puece of paradise x