Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recent Op Shop Finds

Things have been a bit quiet on the search for all things pre-loved but I managed to find some things on my weekly trip to my favourite Lifeline. Unfortunately there were only 3 garage sales on in Armidale on Saturday with nothing much on offer and of the goods on sale at the 3 op shops I only managed to find a pair of Gary Castles gold platform sandals – either for sale on eBay or for a costume party.

In Toowoomba this week I have picked up the following:

a vintage Pyrex ovenwear dish for $3


a juicer stick thing (red to match my Mixmaster) for $1


and some cool scales. I’m thinking I might use them in the kitchen to store garlic and something else – I’m actually quite chuffed with them and at $1, what a bargain!


I also got these great boots a few weeks ago at Vinnies. $6 and great for winter!


As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

On another note, for ages I’ve meant to pull out thP1010930e Polaroid 600 camera I got at a garage sale years ago for $5 and never used. Last night I decided this Saturday night was the night to try it out so today I did some research to see where I could buy the film from. Much to my disappointment the film has been discontinued!!! Apparently there is a new producer who is making compatible films – has anyone bought any? I’d really love to test my Polaroid out!

Till next time, over and out XOXO

The search for the perfect avocado and a Christmas in July … in June

Finally I have something to blog about! I’ve been a bit quiet of late as I haven’t had much exciting going on but am happy to be back!

The weekend just gone was taken up by a 5 hour trip south to Armidale to visit the boy’s dad for the weekend. It was surprisingly warmer than we had expected and we enjoyed a beautiful Christmas in July dinner (in June of course).

The table was set up beautifully.



I enjoyed a large proportion of the selection of sparkling on offer –   my new favourite - Yellowglen Vintage Cremant as well as Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir

I might have overindulged a bit because I was in dreamland by about 8pm but hey, it was Christmas!

We ate:

Potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potato and onion cooked in the camp oven, roast turkey and oh-so-good fresh sourdough bread as well as honey glazed ham and butter beans. Home made apple pie and custard topped off the feast.

P1010862 P1010856 P1010858 P1010859 P1010860 P1010861

Poor Rocky (the dog) didn’t know what had hit him when he was forced to sleep outside for the 2 nights we were away. He sure wasn’t acclimatised so i went to the local op shop and bought him a jersey … a kind of pov attempt at a dog coat. It kept him semi-warm and he didn’t seem to mind wearing it. The second photo is him looking up at the dead rabbit that had to be put up a tree to save him from devouring it as he had already caught and munched on one the day before.



Now, totally off topic – does anyone else have trouble buying avocados? I NEVER have luck – they are either hard as a rock or brown and disgusting inside. I tried my luck last night at the supermarket and had a win – a perfectly ripe and soft green avocado. Here it is for all to see.

P1010889 P1010888

Recent op shop finds in my next post!

Over and Out XOXO

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hope to have something to say soon!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately and have actually missed blogging but haven’t had much to rant and rave about. I have still been out and about garage sale-ing and op shopping but haven’t really found anything of significance to gloat about …



The boy and I are heading about 5 hours south into blues territory for the weekend to visit his dad in Armidale for an early Christmas in July celebration. I’ve already done my research and hope to visit a couple of ops and maybe even some garage sales tomorrow. HOPEFULLY I'll have something interesting to post about on Monday.

Until then, over and out XOXO

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Epic Journey

Mum and I set out on a somewhat country op shop journey yesterday covering 14 shops and multiple suburbs and towns. We visited Ipswich, East Ipswich, Bundamba, Blacksoil, Laidley and Gatton. I was a bit disappointed to not have any ‘YES’ moments but did manage to come away with quite a haul – some to resell on eBay, some things for me and some XXXX stubby coolers for the boy’s XXXX collection.


I must admit I was appalled at the price of things at the Salvos in Bundamba. Crappy items of clothing were marked $10.00 and $20.00. There was a Bardot singlet with tags attached which was cute and I probably would have paid $5.00 for it. However, the store had priced it at $15.00 – the exact same price as the price it cost in store. What a joke!! I did get two things from there though – a vintage polka dot maxi dress on a Monday – Wednesday special for $3.00 (was marked $10.00) as well as a pair of vintage Adidas tennis shorts (probably for dress ups). I hope to do an outfit post with the maxi soon but here it is for all to see.


This was my first purchase of the day. A gorgeous vintage leather bag for $4.00 from Vinnies in Ipswich.


I found these gorgeous boots at a Lifeline Supa Store in East Ipswich … if only I was a size 5.5. These will be listed on eBay soon.


At the same store I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a picture very similar to the picture featured in a previous post which hangs outside the bathroom. Even better that the boy kind of liked it when I brought it home!  (new pic on left)










Natasha Gan (for eBay) and Cooper St dresses from Red Cross in Gatton

P1010651 P1010655

Some vintage sunnies and oh-so-appropriate flannies in Laidley

P1010671 P1010627

As I said, nothing too exciting but still a good day out. You’ll be seeing the other items up on eBay soon.

And to finish, here’s a pic of my baby all dressed up for State of Origin … isn't he cute?~


Over and Out XOXO

(comments welcome!)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink is the new black

Yesterday I was feeling a bit down. Mostly due to my freshly washed and totally soft, frizzy and fluffy hair. My 5-ish year old hand-me-down GHD just doesn’t do the 15-20 minute straightening job that it used to. And I’m lazy.
Imagine my surprise when I get a text message last night from my best friend and twin saying:
‘Guess what i have? … Your new pink ghd : )’
Yay, I love presents and I love my twin sissy XOXO

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2-06-2010 3-27-56 PM