Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 57.

This week's hump day is also known today as no makeup Wednesday. Ah, how nice and quick it is to get ready without having to 'put your face on' (as mum calls it).

Today I'd like to introduce the newest shoes to my wardrobe worn on request from Lisa. I bought these on asos and love them and can't wait to give them a good workout over winter.

p 415

I'm wearing the culottes I blogged about here - nowhere near as cute as the model but still cute.

p 410p 412
Wearing: culottes - Junk via Freez, top - Sacha Drake (thrifted), jacket - op shop, shoes - Asos.

I'm off to learn some more about Microsoft Project. The big race day is tomorrow. I'd appreciate it if you could all pray for nice weather. Muchas Gracias.

Till Monday, over and out.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 56.

I said brrr, it's cold in here. Don't you hate it when you get dressed for work and then you realise the temperature inside your house doesn't at all reflect the temperature outside your house? It's only 16 degrees at the moment and as I'm only wearing a skirt and top, the goosies have made an appearance. Short and sweet post today as I'm off to a course for the day.


P1050234  P1050235

Wearing: skirt - Nicola Finetti @ Myer, top - Kmart, necklace - Sportsgirl, flats - Zensu (thrifted), glasses - Ray Bans @ OPSM

Till tomorrow peeps, over and out


Monday, March 28, 2011

Some extra treasures

Here are some other things I picked up over the course of the week.

Couldn't leave this beautiful and oh-so-vibrant crochet blanket behind at Vinnies for $5.00. Going to be perfect for lazy Sunday naps on the couch.

P1050199 P1050201



P1050210more retro and vintage plates for the wedding - thanks mama and Kaylene for the Meakin.




P1050221                   Deceased estate win ... another suitcase and typewriter. Do not need either of these but the guy convinced me to get both for $5.00. I couldn't leave them behind for that.

Check out other flea market finds at Sophie's.

Over and Out


Potentially this year's find of the year

I know it's early but last week I was browsing on eBay and stumbled across something I never knew I wanted but just had to have. I sent the link to my dad to see if it was within driving distance to pick it up and he said it was definitely worth bidding on. I secretly think mum wanted to win it and I told her that I probably wouldn't even win it as my budget was pretty low. There was about a minute left on the auction and it was still only at the starting bid of $20.00. Because I was away from home I did the bidding on my phone and seriously I thought the internet had carked it and I was so disappointed thinking that I hadn't got in quick enough to confirm my bid.

Well turns out I got in with about three seconds to spare and here we have it folks in its new home in the lounge room. I'm still decided what is going to sit on the top - I'm thinking about one of our pictures from the e-shoot in an old frame.

All for a bargain price of $21.50!




I kept this purchase a secret from the boy until mum and dad arrived to drop it off. Turns out he actually thinks it's pretty cool. And so do I!



Work Outfit Challenge - Day 55 and weekend wrap up.

Hi all and welcome to a new week.

I had a good weekend hunting out some treasures, attending the beautiful wedding of two great friends, shopping and watching the boy play soccer. This week is short week at work too as we have our show holiday on Thursday and I have Friday off! Yay for super long weekends.

P1050164Susie, the stunning bride and can you believe those flowers are fake?! I love them! My camera was playing up so I really didn't get any other even half decent photos! Can't wait to see the pro ones.

L: on the way to the ceremony/R: having a cider between the ceremony and reception

Today I feel a bit 70s in my lace dress and wedges. I'd seen a teeny-bopper in this dress and loved it and when Dotti were having a 50% off the marked price I snapped it up for $15! I'm having a bit of an issue with the maybe-too-short slip underneath. Loving these wedges I picked up on Friday - perfect size and look unworn and were only $3 at Vinnies!


If you read my post on Friday you would have read how upset and frustrated I was that the entertainment we thought we'd booked for the wedding had contacted me and said he was already booked out. Turns out it WAS some sort of misunderstanding and he apologised for giving me a heart attack and that yes, he would be there will bells on on the 5th November. Phewww!

Some very exciting (to me) op shop finds coming soon.

Over and Out, XOXO

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shoe love

I've seen these Vivienne Westwood shoes before but never seen them look so pretty. I already have my wedding shoes but thinking these would look super cute on the b-maids.image

Oh, and how awesome is her dress?!

They come in lots of colours ...


Girls, what do you think?

Found at this post on Polka Dot Bride.

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 54.

p 395

This is quite well what I could look like today. I sent a question to our singer we (thought) we'd booked for the wedding and he's written back to say that he is booked out on that day. Until he's written back I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe he has got confused and we are actually his booking for that day. If not, I'm going to be soooo angry. Isn't it common decency to check with someone who has made a booking (even if you think it's a tentative booking) to confirm that they would like to lock in the booking before agreeing to take another job? I am just so disappointed - his charge was very reasonable and he said he'd play from like 3pm till midnight and he plays all the stuff we love. I was so looking forward to dancing the night away with my nearest and dearest. I hope that I'll be able to report back some good news that it was all just a misunderstanding. Is this the bridezilla coming out in me?

Anyway, I guess I'll have to build a bridge and get on with my day. On a brighter note I've discovered more and more people are visiting my blog. My friend Jess sent me a pic of one of her facebook friend's posts where she shares my blog link. She writes:

Stumbled across this fantastic blog, and it happens to be by a local girl. Check it out.

Thanks Danielle for liking and sharing my blog with your friends! I also had a lovely comment from Carli to say she loved my blog and that I have another new follower. Thanks Carli! Love that people are spreading the word. Sometimes blogging feels a little pointless when we analyse the amount of followers we have but maybe we just need to ignore the actual number and pay more attention to the lovely comments and encouragement we receive in person, from friends of friends and on the blog itself.

I picked up this dress from Supre last week - I'm not really one to go browse in there with the teeny-boppers but couldn't resist when I walked past and saw a 50% off the marked price sign on the window. Turned out most items were $2.50. I got a top, a jumpsuit and three what I'm calling sloppy Sunday dresses for $15! And yes, I am wearing said sloppy Sunday dress on Friday. This one is a little less sloppy.

 p 390  p 392

p 393
Wearing: dress - Supre, Singlet dress (underneath) - Dotti, headband - all I picked up at the Equip sale, shoes - old from Shoo Biz

Over and Out


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 53.

Thursday today - column day! If you're interested go check out week 2 of my column, Cool by Association on finda which will be posted sometime today. Today is a week away from Toowoomba's big race day - The Weetwood Handicap. My girls and I are busy primping and stylin' so we are looking our best for the big day. We've booked seats in one of the tents so will be able to rest our tired feet whenever we need. Oh and did I mention we have our own private bar?! I'm also mega excited for Susie and Adam's wedding this weekend. I went to school with Adam and he lived with the boy and I for quite some time and I have lunch with the gorgeous Susan once a week so it will be a privilege to see them tie the knot!

The flower thingy in my hair today was inspired by my gorgeous pal Mel who had a similar do' yesterday. It looked better on her - I'm thinking I'm not really a flower in the hair kinda gal.

p 387 p 379 

p 376

Wearing: dress - Tokito @ myer, heels - Target via Vinnies (still had the $49.95 tags on and I scored them for $3!), bangle - Coach, gift from a friend.

Oh, and ladies, to stock up on some low cost accessories, head down to Equip for their $5 and under sale. I'll be there this afternoon!

I'm eagerly stalking Wotif's facebook page to see when they release their $11 rooms for 11 minutes. Might be able to score an awesome deal ... along with the 20 bazillion other people. Wish me luck!

Over and Out


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 52.

I did some pedal pushing this morning in another not-so-appropriate bike riding dress. I picked up this vintage dress at a garage sale I think and haven't had a chance to wear it since my Grandmama altered it. I actually have so many vintage frocks waiting for a bit of a nip and tuck (actually my body could use one too) so I'll have to get round to that someday soon.

p 374Wearing: dress - vintage, shoes - RMK via Lifeline

Also thanks to my newest followers Jess and Robyn - great to have you on board! I now have 30 followers and hope that number continues to grow!

Hmmmm, what to wear tomorrow?

Over and Out


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge Day 51.

Today I just grabbed something out of the wardrobe, tied back my freshly washed hair and left the house free of makeup. At the start of the year I decided I was going to try to come to work one day a week without makeup. The first time I embraced my a-la-nat-u-ral self I was a little self conscious but now that everyone has seen me without makeup I actually am not too bothered anymore. Only issue I have today is I'm channelling a bit of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer (9 months too early) with my sunburnt nose. I still can't believe my forehead and nose got burnt on Sunday which was such a miserable and rainy Toowoomba day. Just goes to show that the sun really is harmful at any time - rain, hail or shine!

Analysing my outfit now I fear I may have committed a cardinal sin. Is my dress (top) too short and are people going to think I have joined the leggings double as pants society? Well never fear friends, I am a supporter of the leggings-are-not-pants party. Girls wearing leggings as pants is an all too common sight around these parts so maybe I'll just blend in with the crowd.

p 362 Wearing: top/dress - Luka, leggings - Free Fusion @ Target, flats - Siren @ Myer, accessories - various

I might wear one of my new vintage dresses tomorrow. Till then, over and out.


Monday, March 21, 2011

exactly what i'm looking for

If i decided to go with this idea for drinks at the wedding, OMG this would be perfect. At $103.00 with 6 days to go I doubt I will be able to afford it. But boy, wouldn't it be cool?

If you've got the money and are in the market for an oh-so-cute rowboat the auction is here.

plates, drawers, globes, dresses and Pyrex of course!

so, what did I score on my bargain hunting adventures this week?

this adorable old chest of drawers ... $15. A little bit grubby and need a spot of cleaning but a lovely addition to our home and will be used at our wedding ... maybe for the lolly buffet.

p 297p 334

some new plates to add to the collection for the wedding.

p 298p 301

the cutest retro owl tea towel - it may get divided and made into the cutest napkins for the wedding

p 353  
another globe ... is 4 a collection?

p 336 

the BEST Pyrex large bowl - $3!

p 337

some vintage dresses - ruffle love

p 343 p 346

a bit of handy Tupperware - $3 the set

p 344 

pretty vintage tablecloth - maybe transformed into napkins too

p 348 

AND the most perfect little (big) sewing box ... a steal at $2!

p 352p 350

I bought the COOLEST thing on eBay yesterday and hopefully I'll be able to showcase it next week.

Till then, over and out.