Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 126.

This morning I was lying in bed fighting the battle in my brain to decide whether to get up and go to the gym or not. The battle went on for like 10 minutes before finally I just thought GET UP ... it's 99 days till the wedding you goose!

Oh, and I bloody left my lunch on the bench. Don't you just hate that?! Guess I'll have to have tuckshop today lol.



DSC03878  DSC03877 DSC03879   DSC03887

DSC03882  Wearing:
skirt: this one from asos
top: katies circa 1990 @ op shop
long sleeve top: witchery @ op shop
booties: kmart
tights: razzamatazz @ coles

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever it may entail.

Over and Out


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 125.

At one time I thought I looked a wee bit cool in these glasses but looking at these photos, totally GEEK-O-RAMA! Yesterday I ordered a new pair, probably totally as geek-worthy from clearly contacts for FREE!! I did have to pay around $13 for shipping and insurance but hey, for a $300 pair of glasses I'm not complaining.



DSC03872 DSC03868     DSC03867Wearing:
top: ladakh @ Myer (the boy hates this top with a passion!)
pants: kmart
heels: asos
bag: sydney
bracelets: equip
earrings: lovisa
sunnies: ray ban

Is anyone else totally overwhelmed with the amount of renovation shows on at the moment? Last night I couldn't figure out which show I was bloody watching ... the renovators or top design. None of them rate close to the block though.

100 days today till the wedding!

Over and Out


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 124.

Yay, my three day protein detox has done its job. I've dropped between a kilo and two kilos and it wasn't overly hard. I got to have toast this morning and it was GLORIOUS! AND, I get to have SALAD for lunch! Anyway, enough of my rambling.

We tried a new location for photos today ... and the look on my face in just about every photo is hideous.

example .. yep, just lovely.


so no more head shots.

top: kookai
jeans: wrangler @ trade secret
flats: siren @ Myer
scarf worn as belt: oroton @ vinnies

Can I just say asos' customer service is outstanding. I received a pair of shoes with some marks on them and made the complaint through the regular channels. They sent out a replacement pair with priority (they reached Australia in like 3 days) and requested I send the faulty pair back and they will pay my postage costs. Pretty bloody good.

Last but not least I would like to thank Mr Tax Man for being so efficient in processing my $4100 tax refund. YIPPPEEE!

Over and Out


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 123.

Morning homies! Let us celebrate my final day of protein only meals! It's getting a little same, same and I am so looking forward to a piece of toast for breakfast (maybe with avocado) and some salad & vegetables! Oh, and of course mum's family dinner!

I wore this dress all the way back on day 2 of my challenge! Not sure what this challenge business is? Check it out here.

here i am making sure I'm not giving you the forks and that i actually am signing the number 2.




DSC03836 Wearing:
dress: living doll @ trade secret
flats: ebay
jacket: zara @ op shop
necklace: diva
belt: vintage

Remember I love comments so if you feel at all inclined, show me some lovin!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 122.

Hello all for a Monday. You're joining me for day 2 of my high-protein experimental diet. I'm just doing a mock-up version of the body trim diet where basically you have 100-150 grams of protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a 50g snack of, you guessed it, protein, 3 hours between the main meals. Yesterday was fine and I only have today and tomorrow until I can introduce some vegies and a piece of toast! I call it an experimental diet because I'm attempting it for a week to see what sort of impact it has, if any. If nothing too drastic happens I'm going back to my regular diet of eating what I want, when I want ... within reason of course.

I'm sporting yet another new asos addition to my wardrobe ... the cape. This one is actually from the maternity range because they had none left in my size in the regular range. I was worried that I'd look like a massive oompa loompa in this outfit but don't look too bad. Speaking of oompa loompa's, does anyone remember the episode of dawson's creek where Pacey called Dawson one and he went nuts. Ahhhh, sorry I am a massive DC fan.



DSC03819 DSC03821    DSC03825Wearing:
cape: asos
shirt dress: blue illusion @ lifeline ($3.00)
leggings: bonds @ lifeline ($2.00)
boots: tony bianco
scarf: oroton @ vinnies ($1.00)
sunnies: cult

Oh, and you may have seen my new ladder I picked up at a garage sale last weekend. I had a bit of a play around yesterday and this is how it currently looks ... sitting in my forever unfinished walk-in-wardrobe.


Over and Out


Friday, July 22, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 121.

Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking. Feeling very pilot or navy cap'n like today wearing this Sportsgirl jacket I picked up last night. Both Sportsgirl and Dotti currently have an extra 50% off sale items and this jacket came down to $50 from an original $170. I did try on a couple of items in Dotti but was pretty unimpressed with the quality of the items. I don't know how they justify trying to charge $79.95 for an item of cheap polyester clothing. Even at $30 for the two items I tried on, the price did not equal the quality of the garment. The pants actually weren't too bad ... I just was not sure how to style them. Maybe a white singlet and wedges in spring ... how would you style them in winter?

image image
photos from Dotti website




DSC03806  DSC03805   DSC03808 Wearing:
top: trade secret
cullotes: valleygirl
loafers: vinnies
jacket: sportsgirl
aviators: salvos
ring: diva
nailpolish: BYS isn't she lovely

Have you got your free crappy portrait yet? Inspired by bloggers Green Tea and Cupcakes and  Christie at while life passes by's portraits I decided to get one done of the boy and I. He's probably going to hate me because along with the picture I submitted I let them know that I like thrifting and going to the gym, and he likes golf and spends too much time on the toilet. The drawer Sarah pretty much hit the nail on the head. I love it.



Go get one yourself!

Looking forward to a board games night tonight. Some of those games should get very interesting once I've had a bottle of wine or two :)

Over and Out


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 120.

I'm going to call today thrifty Thursday as I usually skip the lunchtime gym workout for a workout of another kind - a visit to Vinnies or Lifeline to see what tickles my fancy. Luckily I packed a pair of flats today as even though these booties are comfy, there is a limit to their comfort. I'm also currently scouring the Clearly Contacts website to purchase some new glasses at a steal - all glasses $38 a pair or 3 pairs for $99! Pity sunglasses aren't included cos they have some awesome Ray Bans on there. Oh well, still a good deal for a four-eyed square like me!






DSC03793 DSC03799
dress: honey and beau
cardi: hot options via vinnies
tights: coles
booties: kmart
ring: equip
bag: department store in KL

Till tomorrow, over and out


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 119.

Wow, winter has arrived today that is for sure. It's BLOODY cold! Trying out this new asos dress I received on Monday. I've unintentionally made this look very 80s ... reminds me of Jennifer Garner in Suddenly 30. I thought these super bright, neon I guess, tights looked less sheer. Hmmm, maybe why I've never worn them.



dress: oasis @ top shop
tights: trade secret
boots: vintage

Were you convinced to put in another asos order when they sent around the code for the extra 10% off the sale? I was and this is what is coming my way:


Oh, and got home from work yesterday to check the mailbox and noticed a grey parcel in there. Took the rubber band off and pulled my wallet out of the grey plastic it was wrapped in. A lady named Bronwyn had written a note to say she'd found it on the edge of the driveway and knocked on the door but noone answered so hoped it would be okay that she left it in the mailbox. I hadn't even realised I had lost my wallet and am eternally grateful that this lovely and honest lady had picked it up and attempted to make sure it was safe rather than a shithead teenager knicking off with it on his way to school. So nice to know there are still people like that around.

That is all, over and out.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

You may remember a post I did what seems like many months ago now about finding an old painter's timber ladder to display some of my more special handbags. Well wait I did, and I found one!

We visited a garage sale described as a farmhouse estate on Saturday morning and walked in maybe 5 or 10 minutes before the advertised start time. Lucky we did because this baby was waiting for me to snap her up for a bargain price of $10.00! I'll be getting rid of that extra piece of new timber that has been added and shortening the rope but yep, it's pretty much what I had asked the garage sale gods to send my way.

Thanks also to dad for driving half an hour to get to a garage sale with the hope that some treasures would be waiting for us.

 DSC03634 DSC03635

When we walked out with my new prize I overheard a lady say to her buddy, 'don't you just hate it when people get the stuff we're looking for?'

She was so jealous. I don't blame her.

Oh, and for my favourite hord nerd out there, we got these super healthy plants for $1.00 each. Should have got the whole lot!


Happy hunting treasure buddies.


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