Friday, April 15, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 67 with some B.O

Oh no ... I have B.O. today. Stinky, stinky B.O.

Just kidding friends. B.O - BLUSH OVERLOAD. Sometimes I go a little crazy with my friend Mr Blusher. And so do some of my friends.

Exhibit A

lol. Just a bit of fun for a Saturday afternoon in outback Queensland quite a few years ago now.

Exhibit B

Sorry girls I just had to do it - a perfect example of B.O.

Anyway, now that I've horrified you with these photos I'll show you today's B.O.

I got this Wish dress at Myer at 75% off the marked price. Man I hang out for that time of year when the signs change over from 50% off to 75% off. JOY! It's a silk dress that says dry clean only but I'm not going to get a dress dry cleaned when it cost less than it would to get it dry cleaned. The issue is that it was sitting in the Myer bag crinkled up and was really creased. I washed it on the hand wash cycle in the washing machine and tried to hand iron it but failed a little. Oh well, it's still cute with its wrinkles and all.


DSC02824Wearing: dress - Wish, sandals - pulp (op shop), waist tie/belt - from another dress

Super, super excited about mum and my FAVOURITE church sale which is on tomorrow. Without a doubt I'll have some awesome treasures to share with you next week.

Stay safe and party on this weekend.

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Over and Out



Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Love that maxi it's beautiful. B.O Rocks !!!!

ness said...

Photo 2... Too much blush stemming from too many drinks and going to bathroom with beer goggles thinking we dont have enough!

danielle said...

LOVE that dress!!! :)

green tea and red nails said...

love the dress... and congrats on your stationery win :) what a great day!

it is cool that you know renee too... but the awesome thing is, i have been following your blog for ages and i didnt even realise the connection! woohoo!

have a lovely weekend - Kel

Erica Louise said...

Awesome, red is the best colour in fashion. I adore your maxi dress. Loving the BO reference too. Made me giggle

Angela said...

I used to have the crinkle problem too, then I got a clothes steamer. Heaven! I threw out my iron :)