About Yours Truly

Hello blogosphere ... Thanks for dropping by!

If you ask my friends to describe me they will tell you that I am an individual, friendly, outgoing, intelligent, fun, stylish, motivated, eclectic and spunky human being and friend.

If you ask me ...

I am a 28 year old girl from regional Queensland whose biggest love is shopping. You won’t often find me buying anything full price and am constantly on the look out for a bargain, mostly at op shops and garage sales. I regularly document my finds on here and love hearing your feedback. I am a big fan of fashion, both old and new but don’t really consider myself a fashionista. Instead, I try and find things that are of good quality that fit me well and compliment existing pieces in my wardrobe. This year (2011) I am undertaking a challenge to never wear the same outfit twice to work. Please follow my challenge and whenever you can, give me some inspiration or ideas as to what to wear. I also love picking up retro and vintage items and furniture to decorate our already choc-o-block home.

I’m a big sport lover and play competitive/social netball a couple of times a week. Friday nights during footy season you’ll find me cheering on the Brisbane Broncos at home or at the pub and on a lazy summer day I’m more than happy to laze about on the couch watching the cricket or tennis.

I have an awesome family and the best of friends a girl could wish for and the (almost always) adorable husband-to-be and ‘baby’ ... our dog Rocky

We are getting married in November so I hope to share some of my inspiration on my Bridezilla page. 

Please check out my blog and know that I am delighted each and every time someone starts following my blog or leaves me a comment.
As Gossip Girl says XOXO