Monday, April 18, 2011

Flea Market Finds - April Style

This weekend just passed was one of the weekends I most look forward to during the year. Why? Because the bestest church sale in all of the region is held and all promises and keeps it promise to sell loads and loads of interesting, retro and CHEAP stuff.

I didn't get as much as I'd hoped but still came away with some awesome finds. I got some great vintage clothing pieces which I'll be wearing sometime soon as well as a couple of books for the wedding table settings.

Some favourites

15 x Johnson Australia and various old English makers plates for $2 - great additions to the mismatched crockery collection for the wedding!


The cute floral English side plate was 50c.


This adorable Queen Anne tea cup, saucer and side plate set for $2 - for those at the wedding that would prefer to indulge in a cuppa rather than a beer or vino.


And just as I was about to pay I spotted these gorgeous beauties for 50c each. LOVE THEM and I think mum was a little jealous.


At a separate garage sale the weekend before I picked up my latest and greatest Glomesh bag to date. I got it new in the box for $4 and was totally chuffed. Later that night when I used it I realised it did have a slight flaw. The inside is lined with something like felt and basically it put this dust like substance over everything in my bag - if I use it from now on I need to use a snap lock bag or something to protect all my things. Anyone got any other solutions?


Yesterday was also a great day for bargain hunting. The town of Murphy's Creek which was devastated by the wall of water in January just down the range from Toowoomba held a jumble sale for all of the left over donations they received. It was HEAVEN. I just about filled a black extra large garbage bag for $30 including 2 pairs of Diana Ferrari heels and a pair of gorgeous ruffle I love Billy t-bar heels for mum. I picked up some great stuff including a gorgeous Zara jacket, some Lorna Jane pieces, heaps of jeans and a super cute Wish skirt. All up I think I got between 40 and 50 items ... for 30 buckaroonies! Some of it I'll be listing on eBay - the other stuff you'll see me wearing sometime soon.

Happy opping and treasure hunting.

Oh, and remember I'm holding a GIVEAWAY ... please join!

Over and Out



Anonymous said...

That happened to a glomesh bag of mine. No matter how much we cleaned it and wiped it, it continued to leave a powder residue all over the place. Such a shame it was a pretty bag! Hope you find a solution.


JeTaimeVintage said...

Loving that Glomesh, my favourite glomesh is almost identical-love that style of them! Total bargin binliner too!
And I noticed your coming to Byron, your welcome to come rummage in my spare room and can let know know ever single op shop within about a 80km radius!

Erica Louise said...

Could you maybe get someone to stitch some fabric over the top of the lining on the inside? I'd give it a go if you want??

Pretty Things said...

what great finds, love those pictures


Emma said...

oh those old trays are awesome, what a great find.