Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 87.

My final post for Autumn 2011. Tomorrow we welcome winter - probably my least favourite season. The average maximum temperature here in Toowoomba in winter is roughly sixteen degrees. Not the coldest place at all but it can and does get quite chilly with the wind chill factor dramatically reducing the supposed actual temperature. Anyway enough of that meteorological nonsense, I guess I really just struggle with mixing up winter pieces.

What are your tips for a stylish winter?

p 814p 815p 816
three identical photos - not one smile. Is that possible?!

p 825

p 826

p 819Wearing: top - vintage (Lifeline), skirt - Basque, heels - Sachi, tights - asos

Because he is adorable and my mouth seems to be devoid of an actual proper smile today here is an irresistible smile.


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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Pledge

In case you were wondering...

work outfit challenge

Op Shop Finds - May Edition

These days my focus when I visit a garage sale or op shop is first and foremost to head to the crockery section to search for vintage plates, bowls and cups for our wedding. For a little while I wasn't really very confident that we would be able to collect enough, but now I'm 100% positive that we will get there. We are also using old silver forks and spoons and bone handled knives. I've already wrangled in all the aunties for a mass polishing day closer to the big day.

This week I also experienced the mayhem of a monthly $5 fill-a-bag sale at Salvos. It was crazy but I did manage to pick up quite a few vintage blouses, crochet hangers, pants, a jacket, some Alfred Meakin plates and some shoes. Mum and I also took a trip to a country op not too far from home. The sweetest blue and white cloud dress was my purchase of the day ... may need some attention though from my g-ma-ma to dramatically shorten the vintage masterpiece.

Here is just a snippet of my latest bargains.






DSC03144      DSC03150  DSC03152

Pop on over to Sophie's to see what other treasures were unearthed this week.


Work Outfit Challenge - Day 86 and Misused Cookbooks

Do you have a trillion oh-so-pretty Nigella or Jamie or Woman's Weekly cookbooks at home that you just had to have but have never actually cooked one thing from? We certainly do. So, yesterday the boy decided it was time for action.

This book was the weapon of choice and  we decided that the chicken pie, smashed carrots, french-style peas and berries and cream for desert was the challenge. Off to the supermarket we went and this is where the trouble started. You see, Mr Fiancé didn't think it was a big deal that the price ticket read $6.99 for a punnet of strawberries and $7.99 for raspberries. I just could not fathom paying that much especially when there may have been 12 strawberries in the punnet AT THE MOST. I couldn't care less if that is what the recipe called for - frozen will have to do! My stubbornness won out in the end and he eventually caved but was rather annoyed with me for always being such a tight arse. Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

It certainly didn't take 30 minutes - I'd estimate almost three times 30 minutes and it wasn't the BEST meal ever but it was still yum.

This is Jamie's final product.

Here are our efforts - whipping the cream constitutes helping doesn't it?





And on to today's outfit ... nothing too exciting but all items are op-shopped except my jewellery.



Wearing: top - vintage, pants - Witchery, flats - Novo (all second hand), earrings - Lovisa

Op Shop Finds post to come.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 85.

Hey all. I'm back after my day off after Queensland's victorious win in the State of Origin. Really, words cannot describe the atmosphere in the stadium at a game like that. You may think only bogans go to the football but bogan or not, these people are passionate with a capital P and have so much pride in their home state. The roar of the crowd is constantly electric and you can't help but get in to the spirit. Many a beer was spilt on the row below the 6 seats that our group occupied with the excited jumping up and down and high-fiving going on. Here's a pic of my beautiful twin and I before the game at the 'IT' pub - The Caxton.


Oh, so mum and I went to the monthly Salvos $5 fill a bag sale yesterday. It was CRAZINESS! It included clothes, shoes and bric-a-brac and we got a pretty fair haul. Basically you just had to grab anything that looked slightly interesting and then assess your haul while attempting to stuff a zillion items into a small blue shopping bag. There were some really cool looking vintage lover chicks there (and I'm a bit jealous cos they probably picked up some stuff that I wanted) but also a whole pile of others taking the opportunity to stock up for winter - many an elbow and an ass was used to conquer a rack. I'll be showcasing my items in the very near future!

This cute lace top was $9.95 at the Dotti sale the other day. Might have to go back on pay day and see what else tickles my fancy and the vintage skirt I got yonks ago - sort of given up on the nicely ironed pleat idea though.




Check out this pearler of a photo. Hope you had a giggle.


Take two.    DSC03128

Have a top weekend and stay warm!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 84.

I'm sure none of you will care what I'm sporting today as I am dressed and prepared for the trip down to Brisbane this afternoon to watch the State of Origin rugby league football game. My brother and I got this same jersey from KMart back in the 90s. Yep, this is my jersey from Grade 6 in 1994 and it still fits! I have tomorrow off work to get over the festivities of tonight so will be visiting my local Salvos for their monthly $5 fill a bag sale. The store is a treasure trove of goodies and deserves a good rummage. Wish me luck!

Oh, and in case you hadn't come across any yet, the end of financial year sales have started. I picked up some cute items at Dotti's sale (2 items for $15.50) and Sportsgirl have 30% off accessories. I picked up 2 head chains at Sportsgirl for $5ish - originally priced at about $15 each. Megan over at Crosswire Dreamers inspired me to try them out - although there is no way I could look as cute as her.

DSC03112DSC03122Wearing: jersey - old school Kmart, shirt underneath - Dotti ($5.95), jeans - Lee Riders, boots - Tony Bianco.

You'll see these boots A LOT in winter ... this will be their 3rd season and they are still in excellent condition. Well worth the investment.

Till Friday, over and out


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 83. Straight down the Middle.

Good morning! Decided to live on the edge this morning and tried a middle part for the first time in YEARS. Sissy, what do you think? I actually think it makes my face look a bit rounder but willing to accept all sorts of feedback - remember I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!

The skirt I am wearing today is actually a low back maxi I picked up at Vinnies a few months back but took it home and wasn't really keen on its slim fit. I may have actually lost a bit of weight because if the sun was-a-shining I might even wear it and not be too concerned about any lumps or bumps. Necklace is new too - snapped up at the Diva sale for $5 - I think reduced from $25. If I hadn't proclaimed it before, I LOVE DIVA SALES!


DSC03088   DSC03091    DSC03095Wearing: dress - Vinnies, top - Target (op shop), flats - Novo (garage sale), accessories - Diva and Equip.

Thinking I might go pick up some winter staples this afternoon - I barely have any long sleeve tops and living in a climate as lovely as Toowoomba is in winter they are a necessity.

Till tomorrow, over and out.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 82.

I've got a bit of maroon fever this week - and am a bit of a sports nerd if you hadn't already guessed. Yesterday the QLD firebirds won the netball ANZ championship and Wednesday is game 1 of this year's state of origin battle between New South Wales and Queensland which we are going to. I am a proud Queenslander and as pointed out by my lovely co-worker Lisa, will no doubt be bogan-ing-it-up on Wednesday wearing my jersey. I actually had planned on wearing maroon all this week but it's a little difficult when you don't really own much in that colour!

I'm sporting my new Kmart booties but now I've seen them in a photo I'm not quite sure I like them as much as I did in store - stupid short legs! I'm also showcasing some of my new Diva purchases ... the gorgeous chunky black and white bangle I saw Lady Melbourne rocking in one of her video posts and a cute black bow ring.


Wearing: shirt - Yarra Trail (op shop), skirt - Citi (eBay), booties - Kmart, tights - Coles, accessories - Diva

I haven't been stepping out as much as I'd like to for the Global Corporate Challenge I talked about on Thursday - I bloody keep forgetting to wear my pedometer.

Hope you all had a FAB weekend.

Over and Out


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 81 - Channelling Popeye.

Today marks 5 years since the boy and I officially began as an item. We basically have been together since his 21st birthday (10th May 2006) but agreed that we would make the 19th May our official anniversary date. Forgive the photo overload in this post but I thought I would share some memories from the last 5 years. 170 days till our BIG day!

24th Birthday 063marty and rianna's wedding 069various 004
10 and 11th Feb 070Fiji 430apple and grape 031
easter 2008 047pic 022p 050
Picture 084p 729
pat and petap 482Student Admin Xmas Party 004      

Okay, enough of that lovely dovey stuff and on to more important business - today's outfit. Today was one of those days where I just could not decide to wear. I think I had at least four outfit changes before settling on this outfit, not due to satisfaction but due to time constraints. I think I left the house with 3 minutes to get to work and arrived a minute or two late - ah the benefits of living in a small city and close to work. I love this vintage blouse but due to its oversized nature I feel a bit POPEYE-ish in it. The pants are a bit of a concern too ... comfortable but a little melvin/camel-toe-causing when seated lol.

p 808

p 809

p 803

p 811

p 810Wearing: vintage top, pants - Events, heels - Diana Ferrari (ALL thrifted)

Oh, you may have missed my latest accessory - a pedometer. Our workplace is participating in the Global Corporate Challenge - a pedometer based walking challenge where employees engage in a virtual walk around the world. Teams of 7 record the amount of steps they do each day and basically it shows you where in the world you've travelled to. It is not a prize winning competition - more of a PRIDE winning competition - one where you want to beat the other employees at your organisation. I didn't start well today - told Rocky I'd take him for a walk last night and then only dragged myself out of bed at 7:20am to be at work at 8:00am. I'll have to take him this afternoon. I'll keep you all up to date on our team's progress :)

Oh, and for all you cheap accessory lovers, DIVA and EQUIP are having a $5 and under sale. Went yesterday arvie and picked up some goodies and might just have to return this afternoon to see what else is on offer.

Apologies for the massive post. Will be away tomorrow as I'm taking a carer's leave day to take mum to the dentist.

Till Monday, over and out