Friday, October 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 189.

Wow, how time flies. I have not even been able to breathe today yet along pump this blog post out but alas, I had a spare 5 seconds.




top: roxy/quiksilver outlet
jeans: lee riders
wedges: hot options

I'm off on holidays next week to prepare for our wedding. We are off to cold chisel this weekend at the sunshine coast and then hopefully I can have a stress-free planning week in the lead up to the wedding. Can't wait to share (hopefully) the best day of my life with you all.

till then, over and out


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 188.

single digit countdown is on so another short and sweet post today.

Today I'm officially doing

M is for Maxi.

Maxi skirt for a change!




DSC04934 DSC04937       Wearing:
top: bardot @ vinnies
skirt: billabong (purchased in KL)
flats: melissa via eBay
headband: asos

last day before holidays tomorrow!

Over and Out


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 187.

It's getting serious here people ... 10 days now! And why is it that, approaching holidays, I seem to have a mountain load of work needing to be done before Friday?!





top: bardot @ lifeline
skirt: basque @ myer
wedges: diana ferrari outlet

Lot's to do ... till tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 186.

Today's challenge ...

Z is for Zipped Up


This outfit may be a bit of a cop out but I have used zips as accents in today's outfit - on my pants and in my clutch. These pants totally remind me of Sandy's pants in grease and I've been walking around quoting 'tell me about it ... stud'. Obviously I don't look anywhere near as good as Olivia did ... man how smokin' was she?!


If you missed it I wrote a post earlier this morning about wedding underwear choices ... very educational read that one. Go here to check it out.




black top underneath: sussan (thrifted)
pink top: basque city (thrifted)
pants: mng (thrifted)
shoes: sachi @ myer
clutch: cassette society via thread people
belt: urban originals (gift from twinnie)

Till tomorrow, over and out


And, um, these are, f*ck me, absolutely enormous panties ...

As the big wedding day looms I have been questioned by a few people if I had made the important wedding day underwear purchase yet. To be honest, the idea had not even crossed my mind. An email from trade secret advertising a big underwear sales event prompted me to go investigate my options.

Rows and racks of frills, lace and whatever those contraptions are called that you attach stockings to greeted me. I carefully inspected each appropriate (read, sexy) looking item, copped a feel and thought that just about every pair of the assumed sexy knickers would end up up my bum. Yes, some of them were totally cute but not totally wedge-proof.

Normally, the boring but comfortable-and-no-wedgie bikini briefs are my undies of choice. Bonds particularly if I can get them cheap enough. I don't even own a g anymore.

But being my wedding night, certain assumptions are made. Assumptions that I should be wearing some sort of sexy underwear to lure my husband into the bedroom to consummate our marriage. Well, if you had read my wedding checklist post you would know that we have booked out a fabulous campground for the entire weekend.

If you put two and two together you'll figure out that campground = camping = no bedroom as such. To make our stay a little more comfortable we have hired a caravan to rest our heads once all the dancing, drinking and mayhem is done with. I may be a little prudish and not doing my 'wifely' duty but I doubt there will be any sort of consummating going on or in other words


if the caravan's-a-rocking, don't-come-a-knockin' action.

I left the shop sans-undies but with some socks and a new shirt for the boy. I even questioned him when we returned to trade secret the following day for a belt (no, not of the chastity variety) about the idea of wedding underwear. He would never dare to step inside the ladies underwear section in case some sort of a-male-has-entered alarm went off but explained that there is no need to have to worry about wearing sexy undies.

So that's that. I have full permission to wear whatever I feel comfortable in.

Bridget Jones panties anyone? (post title courtesy of one of my favourite movies - Bridget Jones's Diary)



Monday, October 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 185.

Hello lovelies. How are we?

I am thankfully recovered from a killer hangover yesterday courtesy of some engagement party action on Saturday night in the boy's home town. You would think that I would be on a booze ban seeing as the wedding is less than two weeks away now but couldn't resist the lure of filled-to-the-brim sauvignon blancs. Even better was the fact that they were $5. I rarely buy wine at the pub because, for oooh let's say seven buckaroonies, you might see the bar chick grab a ridiculously large looking glass only to be disappointed when she fills it not even half full. The full-to-the-brim wines could have been the death of me though. We left the party about quarter past ten and I could not stop hiccupping ... always a bad sign. Anyway, enough of my booze talk.


I got these shorts last week after seeing my sis with them on and thinking how snazzy they looked. For ages I avoided shops like temt and valleygirl as I somehow turned in to a massive snob and would only look in places like myer, sportsgirl and portmans. I have recently added in visits to these shops as they actually do have some decent quality things that are usually fairly on trend. These were $19.95 and NOT (shock horror) on special. If you have only recently started reading this blog you may not know that I almost never buy anything full price but $20 aint bad for a pair of cute jailbird shorts.



shorts: temt
top: tokito (thrifted)
wedges: hot options (thrifted)

It's starting to look a lot like summer!

Over and Out


Friday, October 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 184.

Welcome to Friday ... and 15 days away from my wedding. Can you believe it is that close? Today's outfit is nothing spectacular and yet again a bit of an experiment. I heard on the radio that it was wear pink day to raise awareness and money for breast cancer so went along with that. If I can find somewhere on my travels today I will make a donation too.

Now, on to something VERY important.

How do I make my arms look less fat in photos?! I'm not saying they are fat but I have not been able to master the pose which gives the illusion that they are at least toned. My twinny does it amazingly. Maybe I'm deluded but I would think our arms are roughly the same size and yet in photos they look about double the size!

I don't really think this is going to work as an attractive wedding pose but does show that my arms aren't complete fa-doub-a-das and all my hard work at pump does produce results... oh, and closing my eyes and smiling upside down probably isn't all that glamorous.


Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice!


DSC04874  DSC04876    DSC04880

top: kookai
skirt: made in vietnam
clutch: equip
lipstick: loreal intense fuchsia (on sale at priceline last night for $14.95)

Have a great weekend everyone! I haven't done much treasure hunting lately. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few goodies to share with you all next week.

till then, over and out


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 183.

Hooray, it's beauty and the geek day. Gosh I fricken LOVE that show. I honestly don't care if the geeks really are as geeky as they are portrayed or the girls are are bloody stupid as they act - the fact is that the show is quite possibly the funniest show on TV. Who am I to judge if it is just a bunch of actors playing their roles superbly well?! Do you watch beauty and the geek?

I've gone straight to the top of the list today for

A is for Animal Print





dress: circa 1990 @ salvos
clutch: vintage @ lifeline vintage emporium toowoomba
over shirt: miss shop
loafers: diana ferrari @ vinnies

Did you notice my awesome cupcake earrings?! They were a gift from my friend Susie who bought them for my kitchen tea and i adore them!


A big shout out today goes to my workmate Keith who has kindly let me borrow one of his tripods for our photo booth for the wedding. Only 16 days to go!!! Above is a shot of me giving it a test run...

Friday tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 182.

Today's outfit inspiration was taken from my A-Z list ... I still have lots to do but know I will get them all done. Today is

C is for Checks!


This dress I've had for months and it was an option for our e-shoot but I decided on the other dress.







             DSC04842  Wearing:
dress: vintage
shoes: asos
sunnies: vintage
blazer: vintage @ salvos

Lots to do, till tomorrow.

over and out


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 181.

Today's outfit was a bit experimental and somewhat of a success. What might have helped me like this combo a bit more is if the red dress was a tad shorter and the sleeves were shorter/able to be rolled up to meet the elbow length sleeves of the lace dress.

   DSC04808  DSC04828




red dress: vintage @ op shop near byron bay
lace dress: dotti
earrings: sportsgirl
shoes: sandler @ myer
bag: vintage

hump day tomorrow - I think another A - Z style challenge may be attacked.

Over and Out