Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 57.

This week's hump day is also known today as no makeup Wednesday. Ah, how nice and quick it is to get ready without having to 'put your face on' (as mum calls it).

Today I'd like to introduce the newest shoes to my wardrobe worn on request from Lisa. I bought these on asos and love them and can't wait to give them a good workout over winter.

p 415

I'm wearing the culottes I blogged about here - nowhere near as cute as the model but still cute.

p 410p 412
Wearing: culottes - Junk via Freez, top - Sacha Drake (thrifted), jacket - op shop, shoes - Asos.

I'm off to learn some more about Microsoft Project. The big race day is tomorrow. I'd appreciate it if you could all pray for nice weather. Muchas Gracias.

Till Monday, over and out.



J said...

Cute outfit Pete!!
Have the best time tomorrow, i am so sad that i can't be there :( doesn't feel the same :(

danielle said...

Love todays outfit, and can't wait to see what you're wearing to weetwood- I think I'm living vicariously through you!! :)

leala said...

Those shoes rock!! I want to see them out more often :)

me said...


Emma said...

wow those shoes are awesome and love your blazer