Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Extreme Prettiness in Crockery

This morning a colleague of mine saw a wedding mag on my desk and asked if I'd picked a style of dress ... I told her that not only have I picked a style, I have picked THE dress and all I gave away is that it's a very non-traditional dress. It's becoming very apparent that I'm not in any way a traditional bride.

That is why when I saw pics like these I decided to start collecting pretty vintage china for our wedding ... secret ...I wasn't even engaged yet!

And here is what I've collected so far from various op shops, garage sales and church stalls. I've also been very grateful to have relatives on the look out at places like Stanthorpe and the Sunshine Coast to find more gorgeous pieces. The bulk of the pieces are Meakin because they are my favourite but I have items from Samspon, Bridgwood & Son, Tams England, Regency British Anchor, Swinnertons and Johnson of Australia.


I've realised that I'm probably being a little picky in only selecting floral English (and some Australian) china as I've maybe only got about 30% of the pieces I need for our 100+ guest wedding. I've actually picked up some not-so-pretty plates and bowls so I'll probably need to have a mix of pretty and retro. They look more like this photo found at Martha Stewart Weddings. She makes everything look good. I might showcase them tomorrow and let me know if you think they'll compliment each other.

I've been very strict with my purchasing ... my max price per piece is $2 but I've been lucky so far to pick up bundles at garage sales for knockout prices. I think I've half convinced the boy to take a coastal road trip between Easter Monday and Labour Day to visit some of the small town op shops to see what else I, sorry WE can find. Ooooh, as big Ken used to say - I'M EXCITED!



christie said...

Ohh I love old china pieces! They are so precious.. !


kalgm4 said...

Oh Peta, I love this old china (we had a set with pink flowers when I was a kid) and I love the concept you are going with here..... not that I see much but I'll be on the lookout for you also, just in case I can add to your collection for you. :o)

Angela said...

These are so pretty :) I'm so jealous!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i love mismatched china, florals especially!
you've done well!!
I definitely don't like to pay a ridiculous amount for them at opshops, defeats the purpose of them being at an opshop.
goodluck with it all ♥

nais said...

unreal collection chic.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

I'm SO ENVIOUS you're planning a Vintage Wedding....I WISH I could be a fly on the wall 'cause I'm SURE your table will look DIVINE ladden with all these pretty pieces....You will have such FUN setting & dressing the tables....Putting the plate combos together....Changing & rearranging....** sigh **....HEAVEN....!!

Now when you visited my blog you said you were after Mason & Agee jars yourself....I'm thinking you wanted them to use as vases....Is this correct....?? If so, you could possibly ADVERTISE for them in a local country paper....I'm sure someone would have a BUNCH they would be HAPPY to pass on if you told them you want them for your wedding....!!

You could also keep your eyes open in op shops for the clear depression glass vases....The smaller ones are quite cheap as they're not valued as much....hmmmmmm....LOTS of options Lovey....!

I hope you're having a FAB week....!

Cheers from Melbourne,
Tamarah :o)

melynda said...

awesome! im doing the same thing! (and like when you started, not engaged yet!! - you can never be too prepared!).



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