Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Culottes – should they stay in the 90s?

I just received my regular Freez newsletter and have set my eye on a pair of culottes. I know I shouldn’t be buying anything at the moment but I love lace and these would be perfect for our travels.

I had a pair or two of culottes back in the 90s. What great deception they bring – the look of a skirt but with the privacy of shorts.

Culottes allowed twin 1 and I to cartwheel and play on our homemade bars looking girly wearing ‘skirts’  without flashing everyone our Punky Brewster undies.

10-10-2008 8-15-07 AM 
Although this is not a photo wearing culottes, twin 1 and 1 are wearing another staple 90s outfit – the bike pant suit.

32-x-A4-Layouts-HR-25-01 Photo from

It could be a case of them looking so damn good on the model that I am convinced they could look half as good on me.

Your thoughts?


Hel said...

They look REALLY good on the model and I am tempted to buy a pair now!

I think the thing with 90's culottes is that they were usually styled "90's" like... these culottes don't look 90's. They look very much like a mini-skirt you would get today. I say go ahead and buy them. If you have the legs for it, why not?!!

PJ said...

Don't you hate it how models make things look so bloody good?! - I guess that IS their job.

GrettaSusanna said...

Buy them so them I can steal them ^^

Jess said...

I prefer to call them cool-otts..

I think that you should definitely buy them, they are super cute and Lace is soo gorgeous. It actually makes me want to buy some!!

Plus you HAVE to think about the practicality of them, i mean, cartwheels can be done!

*rachelwears said...

wow that model rocks them, i loooove the colour and fit.. but i don't think i could pull them off :s