Friday, March 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 54.

p 395

This is quite well what I could look like today. I sent a question to our singer we (thought) we'd booked for the wedding and he's written back to say that he is booked out on that day. Until he's written back I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt - maybe he has got confused and we are actually his booking for that day. If not, I'm going to be soooo angry. Isn't it common decency to check with someone who has made a booking (even if you think it's a tentative booking) to confirm that they would like to lock in the booking before agreeing to take another job? I am just so disappointed - his charge was very reasonable and he said he'd play from like 3pm till midnight and he plays all the stuff we love. I was so looking forward to dancing the night away with my nearest and dearest. I hope that I'll be able to report back some good news that it was all just a misunderstanding. Is this the bridezilla coming out in me?

Anyway, I guess I'll have to build a bridge and get on with my day. On a brighter note I've discovered more and more people are visiting my blog. My friend Jess sent me a pic of one of her facebook friend's posts where she shares my blog link. She writes:

Stumbled across this fantastic blog, and it happens to be by a local girl. Check it out.

Thanks Danielle for liking and sharing my blog with your friends! I also had a lovely comment from Carli to say she loved my blog and that I have another new follower. Thanks Carli! Love that people are spreading the word. Sometimes blogging feels a little pointless when we analyse the amount of followers we have but maybe we just need to ignore the actual number and pay more attention to the lovely comments and encouragement we receive in person, from friends of friends and on the blog itself.

I picked up this dress from Supre last week - I'm not really one to go browse in there with the teeny-boppers but couldn't resist when I walked past and saw a 50% off the marked price sign on the window. Turned out most items were $2.50. I got a top, a jumpsuit and three what I'm calling sloppy Sunday dresses for $15! And yes, I am wearing said sloppy Sunday dress on Friday. This one is a little less sloppy.

 p 390  p 392

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Wearing: dress - Supre, Singlet dress (underneath) - Dotti, headband - all I picked up at the Equip sale, shoes - old from Shoo Biz

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kalgm4 said...

you have every right to be cranky Peta, I hope it has a positive outcome.

Challenge: I'm going to go with Audrey Hepburn again but this time the look from the movie Roman Holiday..... see what you think?

Hel said...

No bridezilla notions there. Anyone would be cranky.

Unfortunately (here's the events person coming out in me) unless you gave him a deposit I think your outcome is going to be less than satisfactory. Although if you've been keeping in regular contact with him to give updates on your status, then it is pretty rude of him not to check with you first.

I hope it all works out for you.

danielle said...

No problem!! Keep up the great work :)