Monday, March 28, 2011

Potentially this year's find of the year

I know it's early but last week I was browsing on eBay and stumbled across something I never knew I wanted but just had to have. I sent the link to my dad to see if it was within driving distance to pick it up and he said it was definitely worth bidding on. I secretly think mum wanted to win it and I told her that I probably wouldn't even win it as my budget was pretty low. There was about a minute left on the auction and it was still only at the starting bid of $20.00. Because I was away from home I did the bidding on my phone and seriously I thought the internet had carked it and I was so disappointed thinking that I hadn't got in quick enough to confirm my bid.

Well turns out I got in with about three seconds to spare and here we have it folks in its new home in the lounge room. I'm still decided what is going to sit on the top - I'm thinking about one of our pictures from the e-shoot in an old frame.

All for a bargain price of $21.50!




I kept this purchase a secret from the boy until mum and dad arrived to drop it off. Turns out he actually thinks it's pretty cool. And so do I!




Miss Claire said...

Wow! REALLY jealous! We haven't bothered to get a TV because we don't really watch it, but if I had one like that I definitely would!

Nice Score! Xx

Erica Louise said...

Oh my goodness! That is an absolute steal, well done!!

kalgm4 said...

Very Cool !!! Great find :o)

JeTaimeVintage said...

So very jealous, that is AMAZING! I would happily stare at it for hours, even if it does not work!