Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 84.

I'm sure none of you will care what I'm sporting today as I am dressed and prepared for the trip down to Brisbane this afternoon to watch the State of Origin rugby league football game. My brother and I got this same jersey from KMart back in the 90s. Yep, this is my jersey from Grade 6 in 1994 and it still fits! I have tomorrow off work to get over the festivities of tonight so will be visiting my local Salvos for their monthly $5 fill a bag sale. The store is a treasure trove of goodies and deserves a good rummage. Wish me luck!

Oh, and in case you hadn't come across any yet, the end of financial year sales have started. I picked up some cute items at Dotti's sale (2 items for $15.50) and Sportsgirl have 30% off accessories. I picked up 2 head chains at Sportsgirl for $5ish - originally priced at about $15 each. Megan over at Crosswire Dreamers inspired me to try them out - although there is no way I could look as cute as her.

DSC03112DSC03122Wearing: jersey - old school Kmart, shirt underneath - Dotti ($5.95), jeans - Lee Riders, boots - Tony Bianco.

You'll see these boots A LOT in winter ... this will be their 3rd season and they are still in excellent condition. Well worth the investment.

Till Friday, over and out




Thanks for the comment & for following! You look so cute in your jersey!

As for the Mad men hair do, yes i did it myself, much teasing was involved, painful to remove! However, theysay if you apply condition directly onto the teased hair when its dry, it untagles itself in the shower... a nice little tip I would have appreciated earlier! haha

Follwing you back lady xx


I promise I'm not illiterate, I just didnt proof read before i posted that comment!

leala said...

Do you want to borrow the bogan chariot for your trip to the footie?? :)

jamie-lee said...

that Ram ring is really cute! I noticed dotti was having a sale when I drove past this morning, trying to resist though!