Monday, May 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 86 and Misused Cookbooks

Do you have a trillion oh-so-pretty Nigella or Jamie or Woman's Weekly cookbooks at home that you just had to have but have never actually cooked one thing from? We certainly do. So, yesterday the boy decided it was time for action.

This book was the weapon of choice and  we decided that the chicken pie, smashed carrots, french-style peas and berries and cream for desert was the challenge. Off to the supermarket we went and this is where the trouble started. You see, Mr Fiancé didn't think it was a big deal that the price ticket read $6.99 for a punnet of strawberries and $7.99 for raspberries. I just could not fathom paying that much especially when there may have been 12 strawberries in the punnet AT THE MOST. I couldn't care less if that is what the recipe called for - frozen will have to do! My stubbornness won out in the end and he eventually caved but was rather annoyed with me for always being such a tight arse. Your thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

It certainly didn't take 30 minutes - I'd estimate almost three times 30 minutes and it wasn't the BEST meal ever but it was still yum.

This is Jamie's final product.

Here are our efforts - whipping the cream constitutes helping doesn't it?





And on to today's outfit ... nothing too exciting but all items are op-shopped except my jewellery.



Wearing: top - vintage, pants - Witchery, flats - Novo (all second hand), earrings - Lovisa

Op Shop Finds post to come.

Over and Out



kalgm4 said...

Looks absolutely delish :o) and yes why is it that when you do it at home it always takes longer than they say.... Mmmm that's lots of $$ for the berries but I have to say if it was me and I wanted that dessert I'd probably have to go for the fresh ones....

hollypop said...

yummy! haha. i saw some raspberries for 13.99 at my local shop so i think you're doing well to get some for 8 dorrars!
as for the 30 minute meals, i think ti really depends on how fast a chopper you are. not to brag but i'm pretty freaking quick.