Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 83. Straight down the Middle.

Good morning! Decided to live on the edge this morning and tried a middle part for the first time in YEARS. Sissy, what do you think? I actually think it makes my face look a bit rounder but willing to accept all sorts of feedback - remember I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS!

The skirt I am wearing today is actually a low back maxi I picked up at Vinnies a few months back but took it home and wasn't really keen on its slim fit. I may have actually lost a bit of weight because if the sun was-a-shining I might even wear it and not be too concerned about any lumps or bumps. Necklace is new too - snapped up at the Diva sale for $5 - I think reduced from $25. If I hadn't proclaimed it before, I LOVE DIVA SALES!


DSC03088   DSC03091    DSC03095Wearing: dress - Vinnies, top - Target (op shop), flats - Novo (garage sale), accessories - Diva and Equip.

Thinking I might go pick up some winter staples this afternoon - I barely have any long sleeve tops and living in a climate as lovely as Toowoomba is in winter they are a necessity.

Till tomorrow, over and out.



J said...

the middle part is cute!
and yes, looking very skinny mini

Ness said...

I dig the centre part...

jamie-lee said...

aw you look darling, I adore that skirt!