Monday, May 30, 2011

Op Shop Finds - May Edition

These days my focus when I visit a garage sale or op shop is first and foremost to head to the crockery section to search for vintage plates, bowls and cups for our wedding. For a little while I wasn't really very confident that we would be able to collect enough, but now I'm 100% positive that we will get there. We are also using old silver forks and spoons and bone handled knives. I've already wrangled in all the aunties for a mass polishing day closer to the big day.

This week I also experienced the mayhem of a monthly $5 fill-a-bag sale at Salvos. It was crazy but I did manage to pick up quite a few vintage blouses, crochet hangers, pants, a jacket, some Alfred Meakin plates and some shoes. Mum and I also took a trip to a country op not too far from home. The sweetest blue and white cloud dress was my purchase of the day ... may need some attention though from my g-ma-ma to dramatically shorten the vintage masterpiece.

Here is just a snippet of my latest bargains.






DSC03144      DSC03150  DSC03152

Pop on over to Sophie's to see what other treasures were unearthed this week.



Angela said...

That last dress is gorgeous!

karlyn Jackson said...

I can just picture a bunch of ladies sitting around drinking tea/wine having a natter and polishing your silver. It's all going to look gorgeous.

nais said...

you've done well! love the blouses. my current #1 op shop item i'm looking for is some long sleeved vintage shirts to wear with jeans. i'm a little jealous! and love the crockery. i see some johnson of australia in there! also jealous! have decided to collect a complete set of mixed johnson plates/bowls/cups etc. saw some on ebay that people are selling for $15 for one johnson dinner plate that i have. i'm even more stoked with my 50c purchases now! dropped into lifeline emporium while in woomby this week... bit dissapointed i didn't find any clothes (unless i was willing to spend $20 for a cute pink dress... it's against my op shopping rules to spend that much!) but found an old school backgammon set in my lovely tan colours for $4. had to be satisfied with that!

Michelle said...

I love the coffee mugs and plates! Beautiful finds!