Monday, March 14, 2011

Latest finds - florals, easels & picnics

The thrifting gods have not been all that kind lately and my purchases have been very few and far between. I've been aching (so to speak) for a yes! moment (referred to here in my first ever post) and am still holding out hope to experience one soon.

If you couldn't be bothered following the link, my type of yes! moment involves me (peeing my pants with excitement) squealing internally and 'oh what a feeling' jumping up and down in my head to think that:

  1. someone has given this away
  2. I managed to snap it up before someone else did!!!

The boy and I took the Lowood detour I talked about on Friday on the way home from Brisbane on Saturday morning but the excitement was short lived when the oh-so-promising sounding garage sale had shut up shop. What a waste of time that was!

Anyway, I have a few things to showcase this week ...

I picked up this pretty Royal Doulton plate for the massive sum of about 50c at Vinnies during the week to add to my wedding plate collection.        


I snapped up this picnic basket with room for wine a while ago and (eek) now believe I have a collection. There is some saying floating around blog land that basically says two is a pair (or something similar) and three is a collection. I actually haven't used any of them for picnics but think I'll have to organise a bit of a wine and cheese event in the park with the girls!


Last but not least was actually picked up at the tip shop yesterday after visiting the supposed posh trash and treasure sale (more on that soon.) I'm actually not all that keen on the tip shop. The whole place smells, you feel dirty and it's a little pricey. I thought I'd finished looking (with no success) but then did another loop outside and saw this easel. I thought $8 was a bit much so offered the front counter dude $6 which he declined a couple of times. With a bit of coaxing he reluctantly held his hand out and accepted the offer. Why, oh why do I want an easel you ask?

 DSC02786  DSC02788  

It's going to become a bit of a project for the wedding ... With a decent sized piece of timber and some trusty blackboard paint I'm hoping to create something like this (but shabby vintage chic of course):


found here.

I'm off to spend my lunch break doing my favourite thing in the world ... shopping, the second hand way.

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♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

pretty good idea, that easel. it'll work brilliantly.

zigsma said...

That plate is so pretty! And I love the easel idea. Sounds to me there's a pretty big 'Yes moment' coming up. Or, an 'I do' moment.