Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 104.

It's little ol vintage me today sporting a frock I picked up a month or two ago for about $3. It's comfy, light and has beautiful accents of red with it's matching belt and fake pocket hanky (is that what it is?!) You like?





DSC03329   DSC03332 Wearing: dress and sunnies - vintage, top underneath - Dotti, wedges - Target @ Vinnies, headband - Diva, earrings - Lovisa

Ah, feeling much more me than yesterday. I'm doing first aid training tomorrow and Thursday so think I'll be sporting casual chic.

That's all from me.

Over and Out



Ness said...

I have the headband!

Erica Louise said...

Oh I really like this dress!! $3 bargain. Your sunnies are really cool too

cecylia.com said...

your red Diva headband is super adorable! So cute!

Come follow my blog sweetie :)

Kat said...

Gorgeous dress! I have that exact same headband. I have a black one with polka dots too.

christie said...

Super cute headband! xx


Tea For Two said...

Gorgeous dress - what a find! All your outfits are cute. Following.