Friday, June 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 102.

Happy Friday buddies! Only 6ish hours till the weekend. The boy and I are heading down to Brisvegas this afternoon for footy and pizza tonight with my fave girl (and her fave boy) and b.maid dress shopping tomorrow. If you haven't already check out my wedding checklist post.

I had this dress made in Vietnam and was rather disappointed in the end result. It wasn't exactly like the picture I had provided them even though they promised they could copy it exactly and it just doesn't fit as snugly as I want it to. My recommendation is if you are going to get things tailored, INSIST that they keep changing your item until you are satisfied. Even if they think it is too tight or too short do not listen. Ultimately YOU are the one that has to wear it. I have another dress that was not cheap to get made and in the end I just wish I never had got it made.

p 960

p 938

p 948

p 949

p 951

p 947Wearing: dress - tailored in Vietnam, top - Target (thrifted), tights - asos, heels - Fiorelli via Myer, headband - pressie from sis.

While you're blog trawling, go check out the here comes the sun blog and enter her giveaway to win one of five Kings of Carnaby dresses.

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Erica Louise said...

I've had bad experiences with tailored stuff in Asia too *sigh* Your dress looks good with black jumper though

Michelle's Style File said...

Gorgeous headband- hope you have fun in Brisvegas!