Thursday, June 30, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 106.

Super late post today but I now am an accredited senior first aider. Yay for me. I've got a bit of a mumsy outfit on today in honour of two of my very good and brave friends each giving birth to beautiful baby girls in the last couple of days. A huge congrats to Karla and Craig in welcoming Isabella Rose and to Lisa and David for finally bringing in to the world Alanah Joan. Can't wait to meet them both.

Oh, and I wonder why I'm wearing this outfit. I aspire NEVER to look mumsy when I'm an actual mum so why I am doing so now? I'll leave that with you.

Excited to meet up with stylist and florist extraordinaire Erin tonight!




DSC03351    Wearing: top - Gordon Smith, belt - Oroton circa 1990, loafers - Rockfort (all thrifted), tights - Target

Off to monthly afternoon drinks.

Over and Out


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kalgm4 said...

Glad you are now an accredited senior first aider.... if anyone is needing mouth to mouth I'll let you do it... LOL I liked todays outfit (is that because I'm a mum) and am left pondering on your criptic words... is there something you're not saying?? LOL