Friday, July 22, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 121.

Good morning passengers, this is your captain speaking. Feeling very pilot or navy cap'n like today wearing this Sportsgirl jacket I picked up last night. Both Sportsgirl and Dotti currently have an extra 50% off sale items and this jacket came down to $50 from an original $170. I did try on a couple of items in Dotti but was pretty unimpressed with the quality of the items. I don't know how they justify trying to charge $79.95 for an item of cheap polyester clothing. Even at $30 for the two items I tried on, the price did not equal the quality of the garment. The pants actually weren't too bad ... I just was not sure how to style them. Maybe a white singlet and wedges in spring ... how would you style them in winter?

image image
photos from Dotti website




DSC03806  DSC03805   DSC03808 Wearing:
top: trade secret
cullotes: valleygirl
loafers: vinnies
jacket: sportsgirl
aviators: salvos
ring: diva
nailpolish: BYS isn't she lovely

Have you got your free crappy portrait yet? Inspired by bloggers Green Tea and Cupcakes and  Christie at while life passes by's portraits I decided to get one done of the boy and I. He's probably going to hate me because along with the picture I submitted I let them know that I like thrifting and going to the gym, and he likes golf and spends too much time on the toilet. The drawer Sarah pretty much hit the nail on the head. I love it.



Go get one yourself!

Looking forward to a board games night tonight. Some of those games should get very interesting once I've had a bottle of wine or two :)

Over and Out



VintageSweetheart said...

I love that coat! I agree about Dotti the amount they want for the not so good quality clothes is ridiculous.

E :)

aelie said...

I love that coat, it looks great on you!

I'd probably wear the pants with a plain white tee and sandals, I love the colour! xx

Vix said...

I'm loving the military jacket with the leopard print, grr, fierce!
I'm not familiar with that brand but I do love the colour of those trousers.
I think they'd work brilliantly with the jacket your wearing as I adore navy and coral together. x

Anonymous said...

Haaaaaaaaahahahaa I love that picture!!!!!

kalgm4 said...

your crappy portrait is fantastic !!

Nelly said...

Hi Peta I thought I was already following you?Duno what happened there.Did you see my sailor post?I love that jacket very much!!