Thursday, February 10, 2011

On the lookout for ...

The deliciousness of the new Myer catalogue has me inspired so I'm on the lookout for a rustic old step ladder to display some of my 'special' bags. Never mind that I have nowhere for it to sit - I'll find somewhere!MYR_PROD_J00512539_C_002_R01_025_PFP

Please op-shop/garage sale gods, send one my way!

I'm also constantly looking for old English crockery and vintage silver cutlery for our November vintage-esque wedding and I can easily be convinced to pick up a vintage Pyrex dish or two if one catches my eye.

What makes your eyes light up?!

Over and Out



Thrifted Treasure said...

That's unusually arty for a Myer catalogue! We have an almost identical ladder, we found it in the shed of the house we're renting, I might accidentally bring it with us when we leave ;-)

Bejewelled Dresser said...

That is a cool idea! I'm constantly on the lookout for mismatched english teacups and sauces and then I longingly look for the rest of their matching sets!

Sarah said...

well I found one so keep looking!

thanks for stopping by my place