Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 119.

Wow, winter has arrived today that is for sure. It's BLOODY cold! Trying out this new asos dress I received on Monday. I've unintentionally made this look very 80s ... reminds me of Jennifer Garner in Suddenly 30. I thought these super bright, neon I guess, tights looked less sheer. Hmmm, maybe why I've never worn them.



dress: oasis @ top shop
tights: trade secret
boots: vintage

Were you convinced to put in another asos order when they sent around the code for the extra 10% off the sale? I was and this is what is coming my way:


Oh, and got home from work yesterday to check the mailbox and noticed a grey parcel in there. Took the rubber band off and pulled my wallet out of the grey plastic it was wrapped in. A lady named Bronwyn had written a note to say she'd found it on the edge of the driveway and knocked on the door but noone answered so hoped it would be okay that she left it in the mailbox. I hadn't even realised I had lost my wallet and am eternally grateful that this lovely and honest lady had picked it up and attempted to make sure it was safe rather than a shithead teenager knicking off with it on his way to school. So nice to know there are still people like that around.

That is all, over and out.



Kat said...

Wow, what an honest lady! Restores you faith in humanity a little when those things happen. Love those shoes you ordered! I have never ordered from ASOS. What is the sizing like?

VintageSweetheart said...

That multi coloured dress and those shoes are gorgeous! I've been to chicken to order anything from asos. It seems it becomes addictive very quickly! That was lucky you had a nice lady do the right thing.

Michelle's Style File said...

Your pink stockings with this black outfit are the perfect POP!


riotersbloc said...

That's so kind! I've had similar things happen to me before and it makes my whole MONTH!