Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 126.

This morning I was lying in bed fighting the battle in my brain to decide whether to get up and go to the gym or not. The battle went on for like 10 minutes before finally I just thought GET UP ... it's 99 days till the wedding you goose!

Oh, and I bloody left my lunch on the bench. Don't you just hate that?! Guess I'll have to have tuckshop today lol.



DSC03878  DSC03877 DSC03879   DSC03887

DSC03882  Wearing:
skirt: this one from asos
top: katies circa 1990 @ op shop
long sleeve top: witchery @ op shop
booties: kmart
tights: razzamatazz @ coles

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, whatever it may entail.

Over and Out



aelie said...

Love this outfit! The top and skirt work so well together x

Ness said...

Love the skirt! Great colour

Veronica said...

hi. I'm a regular reader. Do you still require scrabble letters and or boards for your wedding? have some to give away if you still need them.

Mia said...

Love this outfit, so cute x