Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Epic Journey

Mum and I set out on a somewhat country op shop journey yesterday covering 14 shops and multiple suburbs and towns. We visited Ipswich, East Ipswich, Bundamba, Blacksoil, Laidley and Gatton. I was a bit disappointed to not have any ‘YES’ moments but did manage to come away with quite a haul – some to resell on eBay, some things for me and some XXXX stubby coolers for the boy’s XXXX collection.


I must admit I was appalled at the price of things at the Salvos in Bundamba. Crappy items of clothing were marked $10.00 and $20.00. There was a Bardot singlet with tags attached which was cute and I probably would have paid $5.00 for it. However, the store had priced it at $15.00 – the exact same price as the price it cost in store. What a joke!! I did get two things from there though – a vintage polka dot maxi dress on a Monday – Wednesday special for $3.00 (was marked $10.00) as well as a pair of vintage Adidas tennis shorts (probably for dress ups). I hope to do an outfit post with the maxi soon but here it is for all to see.


This was my first purchase of the day. A gorgeous vintage leather bag for $4.00 from Vinnies in Ipswich.


I found these gorgeous boots at a Lifeline Supa Store in East Ipswich … if only I was a size 5.5. These will be listed on eBay soon.


At the same store I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found a picture very similar to the picture featured in a previous post which hangs outside the bathroom. Even better that the boy kind of liked it when I brought it home!  (new pic on left)










Natasha Gan (for eBay) and Cooper St dresses from Red Cross in Gatton

P1010651 P1010655

Some vintage sunnies and oh-so-appropriate flannies in Laidley

P1010671 P1010627

As I said, nothing too exciting but still a good day out. You’ll be seeing the other items up on eBay soon.

And to finish, here’s a pic of my baby all dressed up for State of Origin … isn't he cute?~


Over and Out XOXO

(comments welcome!)


Me said...

hi! good haul... though i totally agree about the pricing!! You have talked me into going as far afield as gatton and laidley!! I might even make it up the range one of these days... is the opping any good??

PJ said...

I don't know if I am biased or not but Toowoomba has great ops shops - great prices and variety and a lot of clean shops. Maybe that is why when I go to Brisbane I am a bit turned off by the prices!

Beach Vintage said...

That vintage handbag is stunning.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Great finds, I especially love the polka dot dress and the gorgeous handbag, great colours!

Rachel said...

Love a 14 op shop crawl! Great funds
Not that I have ever done that many & I have still never made to Ipswich: I view it as a sort of uncharted mecca... we'll see one day...