Monday, January 31, 2011

Op Shop Finds - 2011, take 2 and a beautiful sunset

Us people here in Toowoomba have been lucky in that Vinnies have had a half price sale on for what seems like weeks now. Here is a selection of what I've picked up lately.
THE best find of the week - isn't he just adorable! It's quite big and was $8.00. He is now residing in the spare bedroom.
p 155
Piper (Myer) dress - $3.00
p 121
Jag shorts - $3.50
p 122 
Natasha dress - a bit pricey at $6.00 p 124
Guess Jeans - $2.50 - you may see these on eBay soon p 126   
Cotton On dress i wore last week - $2.00p 130
Blue Juice dress - LOVES it - $2.50 p 131
Vintage Sportscraft top - $3.00p 132
Lorna Jane Yoga Pants - $2.00p 133
Espirit Linen Pants - $2.50p 134     
Blue Juice top/dress - $2.50p 140
Vintage maxi - a bit pricey at $5.50 p 144
Vintage dress - $3.00 - I'm thinking of removing the top layer
p 145
p 146 
IMMACULATE Glomesh purse - still in the box with tags and all - $7.00. Check out the awesome diamond opening.
 p 150 p 151 p 152  p 154
And for good measure I thought I'd throw in some shots of the beautiful sunset driving home from Stanthorpe to Toowoomba on Saturday.p 164 p 165p 169This Friday and Saturday is the Toowoomba Swap Meet - the second largest in Australia. I can't wait - hopefully I'll have heaps of cool stuff for show and tell next Monday.
Till then ...
Over and Out

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Emma (Scrapbook de la Emma) said...

wow some awesome finds, especially loving the striped maxi and the cute cropped top! Scrapbook de la Emma

Nelly said...

I must be missing something as I have no pics to see and want to see lol.
I lived in Stanthorpe for a few years and loved going opping in Twoomba.Do you go to the Vintage store upstairs alot?

Cherie said...

Oh hip, hooray, well done, I'd be smiling too ;) Hope you have a wonderful week.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

yep! the yoga pants!
wonderful sunsets. are they?