Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 16.

Happy Australia Day Eve to you all!
No challenge again today although there are some that have been thrown my way which will be showcased soon.P1040503
Wearing: dress - Basque from Myer on sale, belt - vintage Country Road, sandals - Pulp via op shop, bangle - vintage, hairband - Christmas gift from my twin sis, earrings - Lovisa (gee I need to mix my earrings up a bit!), bag - Sportsgirl - Christmas gift.
What is everyone doing for Australia Day?
I am most likely going to volunteer for some flood clean up at what is (or was) supposed to be our wedding location in the morning and hopefully go to a BBQ at my gorgeous friends Mellie and DJ after that. I have Thursday off work and will be busy, busy visiting oppies, my wax lady and my dressmaker.
Friday's challenge - the $20 full outfit challenge.
Over and Out


ness said...

hairband looks cute x

Erica Louise said...

the material on your new bag is delicious :)