Friday, January 21, 2011

Twenty Eleven Outfit Work Challenge - Day 14.

Hello readers, on this fine boho day.
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Wearing: Maxi Dress - Dotti ($5.00!), Bangles - Diva/Equip, Bow bracelet - gift from sissy, Hair Band - Diva, Sandals - Pulp (op shop), Ray Bans
Carrying: vintage clutch - Lifeline Vintage Emporium Toowoomba ($4.00) This is one of my all time fave buys.
Girls, get in to Dotti - I went there last night and all SALE items are 50% off the marked price. I got three dresses for under $30!
Have an awesome weekend!
Over and Out


J said...

I can't believe that dress was $5.. i love it!!

Erica Louise said...

Love your bag!!

Thrive on Novelty said...

Great outfit! Can't believe that dress was only $5! :O and your bag is amazing xx

kalgm4 said...

I loved this outfit, one of my fav's since this challenge has begun :o)