Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Approaching 10

So a lot of the blogs I read (and follow) are celebrating and doing give-aways for reaching 100 or 1000 followers. Is it weird that I am slightly excited that I am approaching 10? Of the 8 people who officially follow my blog I personally know 3. Does that make my ‘stats’ less significant?
if you can call 8 followers after blogging for 3+ months significant

Is the amount of followers a good indication of how many people out there trawling the interweb (as the boy calls it) have stumbled across my blog and are half interested in what I have to say?

So, if you are out there and reading, send me a message, become a follower or just leave me a comment.

I smile inside and out when I get notification that someone has left a new comment.

Our holiday is creeping up – 6 weeks on Friday till we leave!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend – here is a pic of me and the boy visiting my favourite chick in the whole world – my twin sis on the Sunshine Coast.


Over and Out XOXO


Little Ted Canvas said...

comments are always exciting & new followers just blow me away!! LOVE your finds in your previous post, brilliant!

Hel said...

Hey Peta,
Did you know that Google Stats can tell you how many people are actually visiting your blog (among other things). It's hard not to think about stats, but I think if you don't worry about that sort of thing then you are more likely to enjoy your blogging experience. If you are interested, you can access Google Stats through the account link found on the top right hand of your blogger dashboard screen.

Is my comment lame because you know me? ;D Keep up the great posts!

Erica Louise said...

Hey PJ. I am one of your 'official' followers that does not know you!, but it is really nice to get to know you via blogosphere. I enjoy your reading your blog posts to check out your thrifted finds. Look forward to your next post.

Thrifted Treasure said...

Hi! I just became follower no. 9 and you can bet a lot more people read your blog than you know, when I started out I was always thrilled to spot my blog name in the sidebar of a blog I loved and realise even though that person wasn't following my blog they were actually reading it! Love your blog :-)