Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It’s just like riding a bike

You know when you’ve ordered something online and you are waiting and waiting for it to arrive and when it finally arrives you want to rip it open like it’s Christmas day?

Well I ordered a retro (but new) bike last week and have been anxiously waiting its arrival.

Well it arrived today! Can’t wait to finish work this afternoon and take it over for my trusty daddy dearest to put it together.


Now, where oh where do I get a decent looking helmet?



KANI said...

your bike is lovely! i am particularly a fan of the straw basket on the front :) was it by any chance from the urban outfitters bike shop?

Jess said...

I got a lovely helmet from Big W - $11 and it is blue with glitter :) I look like a 'special' kid when i wear it