Monday, October 3, 2011

The hunt for wedding items

With thirty-three days left until our big day I can just feel the stress and pressure of making sure everything has been organised and paid for creeping up on me. Weddings surely are an expensive affair and I'm feeling a little sick in the stomach at the moment after realising my guesstimate for flowers was a fair way under what the actual cost is.

Anyway, if you follow me on pinterest you'll see I've amassed quite an eclectic range of ideas for our wedding and I was lucky enough to pick up some of the things I've been looking out for on the weekend.



for this idea


$1.00 for the two. They were previously used to hold keys so aren't as cool as the inspiration image but for a dolla' they'll do the trick.

These for the bargain price of $2.00


to be displayed with this

which will be used like this albeit a LOT more shabbier.

Other goodies I picked up include some vintage kitchen items and this oh so cool retro Coolangatta (gold coast) glass.


   DSC04620 DSC04621 

Oh, and another idea I'm rolling with is this one. I've been scouring eBay for a suitable shelving unit but none are in my price range or location. Lucky for me though my workmate has offered two shelving units he has at home which are PERFECT!

oh, and of course I already have the jars. Now I've just got to somehow communicate to our guests that yes, you will be drinking out of a jar!

What treasures have you found recently? Pop over to Sophie's to see what else was scouted out this past week.

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Miss Claire said...

Ohh, it's so exciting to see things coming together! I can't WAIT to see the final product!! The glass with the lady in the bikini is gorgeous :)

Xxx Claire

PS. I know you've probably thought about this already, but I work at a wedding reception centre and have seen some really beautiful hand picked, DIY bouquets. Hydrangeas look particularly gorgeous and would suit the shabby aesthetic you're going with :)

Marty said...

What great finds and lovely ideas for your wedding. Love the personal touch it will have! Congrats on the upcoming event!

Anonymous said...

Did you find the boat?!

The drinking out of glasses idea is BRILLIANT!!

I think I will copy you for the e party


Kat said...

You always have the best op shopping luck! Maybe I need to head out to Toowoomba and do some op shopping.