Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 171.

An unexpected email popped into my inbox this morning with the following text:

I know this is a bit random, but I just wanted to say that a friend introduced me to your blog on the weekend and I am now absolutely addicted!!!!! It is extremely entertaining, I love that you are going to wear a different outfit every day, I love your wedding planning stories and your hunt for bargains – brilliant!

I haven’t followed a blog before, but yours has absolutely sucked me in lol

It is so easy to focus on how many followers you have (or don't have) but to hear words like those is so uplifting. Sometimes I think I've lost my writing mojo ... I think I used to be funny and witty and entertaining but at times I feel boring and like no one wants to read about my boring life. I was actually really disappointed when finda shut down and I wasn't able to write my weekly post about anything and everything. I'd love it if a local website or paper wanted me to write for them again. It was a challenge but a challenge that I really enjoyed. I've thought of doing up a weekly column anyway on a separate blog so might tackle that challenge after the wedding is done and dusted.

Anyway, thanks Alyce - you made my day!

As I mentioned yesterday my friend Mel Mel selected my outfit for an engagement party we had on the weekend and here are the results. She even did my hair - aren't I spoilt? It is an outfit I would totally choose to wear but until now hadn't thought of teaming a different coloured belt with one of my all time favourite dresses. Mel, you're going to pass your course with flying colours and then take on the world xxx

P1010080      P1010086
dress: blue juice @ myer
jacket: vintage @ salvos
belt: from another dress
heels: sachi @ myer
clutch/accessories: equip/diva/lovisa

I decided to wear this bright blue jacket again after Mel's concluded that I'm a winter pallet after analysing my skin and hair and eye colours. I remember blue being on the colours that would suit me and I think the analysis is quite accurate. I had to put in a hair photo for my twinnie as I think it looks shiny and lovely today ... although I do need it dyed before the wedding. Be prepared for some cracking photos ... lifeless one photo, screwed up the next.

DSC04648 DSC04649 DSC04650 DSC04651  DSC04653       DSC04660  DSC04662Wearing:
dress: asos
scarf belt: oroton @ vinnies
jacket: vintage @ salvos
wedges: target

Sorry for the long post ... I promise I'll be more succinct tomorrow.

Over and Out



Ness said...

Good job Mel! looking good sissy :), hair is looking great. Mel might put me to shame with your updo...

Anonymous said...

I love these outfits!!!

That's a gorgeous email, I NEVER get ANY emails from anyone about the bloggy or spam hahaahahahaahahaa one day I will be a cool kid!!


Nelly said...

How nice was that email?and yes that Blue is lovely on you.