Monday, October 3, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 170.

Another weekend has flown by too quickly and I'm back at work. This weekend many things have occupied my time ... a spot of tidying, garage/church sales, being styled by my gorgeous pal Mel for an engagement party, many wines, actually make that too many wines, a MASSIVE pounding headache courtesy of the previously mentioned wine and a car show. Yes, I did watch the football (NRL) that is but was not at all interested in the result. I told the boy we'd be back to watching better homes and gardens on Friday nights now!


DSC04627    DSC04635  DSC04637

DSC04641     DSC04642     DSC04639

top: basque @ lifeline
pants: tokito @ myer
belt: vintage
heels: jane debster @ myer
necklace: swap meet

I've got some goodies to share from the weekend in a post later today. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to share my styling session photos with you. My friend Mel is currently doing a fashion styling course and I was more than happy to play guinea pig for her. I actually really enjoyed not having to choose my own outfit and having to switch jackets and shoes and belts and necklaces. She has just started her own blog and you can check it out here. How cool is the URL?!


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Nelly said...

love todays outfit Red suits you well.