Monday, October 24, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 185.

Hello lovelies. How are we?

I am thankfully recovered from a killer hangover yesterday courtesy of some engagement party action on Saturday night in the boy's home town. You would think that I would be on a booze ban seeing as the wedding is less than two weeks away now but couldn't resist the lure of filled-to-the-brim sauvignon blancs. Even better was the fact that they were $5. I rarely buy wine at the pub because, for oooh let's say seven buckaroonies, you might see the bar chick grab a ridiculously large looking glass only to be disappointed when she fills it not even half full. The full-to-the-brim wines could have been the death of me though. We left the party about quarter past ten and I could not stop hiccupping ... always a bad sign. Anyway, enough of my booze talk.


I got these shorts last week after seeing my sis with them on and thinking how snazzy they looked. For ages I avoided shops like temt and valleygirl as I somehow turned in to a massive snob and would only look in places like myer, sportsgirl and portmans. I have recently added in visits to these shops as they actually do have some decent quality things that are usually fairly on trend. These were $19.95 and NOT (shock horror) on special. If you have only recently started reading this blog you may not know that I almost never buy anything full price but $20 aint bad for a pair of cute jailbird shorts.



shorts: temt
top: tokito (thrifted)
wedges: hot options (thrifted)

It's starting to look a lot like summer!

Over and Out



Anonymous said...

I saw a peek of your e ring!!!

So pretty!!


Erica Louise said...

Super cool shorts, they have a 'nautical' feel

Ness said...

Copy Cat haha, na they're super cute hey.. Don't blame you for getting them :)

Kat said...

Very cute! I am a sucker for stripes. 2 weeks till the wedding! How exciting. Mine is 3 weeks!!! You will be getting married when I am on my hen's weekend. I am starting to panic with only 3 weeks to go even though everything is practically done. I only have placecards and our seating plan to make then I am all done.

aelie said...

Adorable shorts! I never shop in Temt or Valleygirl either as I find the quality to be pretty crap, but for $20 cute shorts I may have to change my mind! x

myheartbeats said...

Wicked shorts!! I may pop in and get me a pair :)