Thursday, October 20, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 183.

Hooray, it's beauty and the geek day. Gosh I fricken LOVE that show. I honestly don't care if the geeks really are as geeky as they are portrayed or the girls are are bloody stupid as they act - the fact is that the show is quite possibly the funniest show on TV. Who am I to judge if it is just a bunch of actors playing their roles superbly well?! Do you watch beauty and the geek?

I've gone straight to the top of the list today for

A is for Animal Print





dress: circa 1990 @ salvos
clutch: vintage @ lifeline vintage emporium toowoomba
over shirt: miss shop
loafers: diana ferrari @ vinnies

Did you notice my awesome cupcake earrings?! They were a gift from my friend Susie who bought them for my kitchen tea and i adore them!


A big shout out today goes to my workmate Keith who has kindly let me borrow one of his tripods for our photo booth for the wedding. Only 16 days to go!!! Above is a shot of me giving it a test run...

Friday tomorrow.



Erica Louise said...

Vintage clutch is very cute and how adorable are your cupcake earrings!! I have a new challenge for you; 'Oriential'!

Nelly said...

I will admit I love B and the G Love seeing the makeovers.