Friday, October 21, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 184.

Welcome to Friday ... and 15 days away from my wedding. Can you believe it is that close? Today's outfit is nothing spectacular and yet again a bit of an experiment. I heard on the radio that it was wear pink day to raise awareness and money for breast cancer so went along with that. If I can find somewhere on my travels today I will make a donation too.

Now, on to something VERY important.

How do I make my arms look less fat in photos?! I'm not saying they are fat but I have not been able to master the pose which gives the illusion that they are at least toned. My twinny does it amazingly. Maybe I'm deluded but I would think our arms are roughly the same size and yet in photos they look about double the size!

I don't really think this is going to work as an attractive wedding pose but does show that my arms aren't complete fa-doub-a-das and all my hard work at pump does produce results... oh, and closing my eyes and smiling upside down probably isn't all that glamorous.


Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice!


DSC04874  DSC04876    DSC04880

top: kookai
skirt: made in vietnam
clutch: equip
lipstick: loreal intense fuchsia (on sale at priceline last night for $14.95)

Have a great weekend everyone! I haven't done much treasure hunting lately. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few goodies to share with you all next week.

till then, over and out



Ness said...

Yep cute lippie, you're becoming addicted like me!

All you need to do to slim your arms is to not have them squashed against your body, if they're away and back, they'll def look slim and toned.. Looking v toned in the top pic though x

Erica Louise said...

Honestly? I've never thought your arms look fat in your photos, not once. However, I think Ness's advice sounds worth a try?

J said...

i love that outfit pete.. very cute