Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 72.

Hey hey strangers. I'm back! Did you miss me?

The boy and I had quite an adventure between Easter and Labour Day. We spent a couple of nights in Stanthorpe, Armidale, Byron Bay and Brisbane and capped it off with a wedding of two awesomely beautiful friends.

It rained basically the whole time we were in Byron but we managed to have some great food, a couple of great sessions at the pub (my new fave beer is Stone & Wood Pacific Ale - brewed in BB), saw some sights and visited some oppies - found a few fab new items but not as many as I'd hoped.

p 564 p 570
@ the Armidale races on Anzac Day - so not dressed for the races!

p 595

p 587p 573







@ Byron ... fish and chips from Mongers - AWESOME!

 p 600 p 620 p 676
@ Megan and Beau's wedding - dress from asos, hairdo and makeup by twin 1. The lovely lady in the middle is the lovely lady who takes my photo day in, day out. Thanks Leah!

Back at work today and nursing a throbbing ankle - courtesy of a tree branch getting the better of me. We were basically clearing some of the boy's block of land in Stanthorpe to burn and I was super determined to 'get' this branch to add to the fire. Well I went boing, boing and then fell in a ditch. OUCHIE!

I picked up this stunning vintage Sportscraft skirt a couple of weeks ago and although I was unsure of its length I think it actually looks okay and the colours and pleating are amazing.

p 691

p 693 p 686Wearing: top - old fave by Metalicus (Lifeline), skirt - vintage Sportscraft, wedges - Hot Options (Target), bangle - Coach.

Thanks to my new followers for joining in on the fun!

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pip a la chic said...

Looks like you had a awesome time away. That vintage skirt is so pretty, I love the print on it.

nais said...

ooo i love that skirt! great find chic. hope you enjoyed your easter road tripping!

Erica Louise said...

Byron is the best, looks like you had lots of fun! I adore your sportscraft skirt, the colour is amazing. Looks great on you

Miss Vodka said...

Lovely outfits :)