Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Work Outfit Challenge - Day 167.

Today I consulted my challenge settee and she agreed that this outfit could satisfy the cute country challenge she set months ago. I really do love the simplicity and stylishness of a crisp white collared shirt - even better when you got it for about $3.00 and have worn it many a time.

To further concrete this outfit as my country outfit here is my attempt at a doe-c-doe. Yeeeeeeeee-HA!


I keep getting that man's voice in my head from the old heel and toe > slap, slap, slap > swing your partner dance we all learnt at school. I can't find a good youtube clip for it though.

I picked up these jeans at Trade Secret a few weeks back and have only just had them hemmed of course by my super granny. I had planned to wear them with wedges for a 70s feel but I think they might be slightly too short. Oh well, they are a perfect fit so I can't complain.





P1050938  P1050935    P1050936Wearing:
shirt: yarra trail
jeans: roxy @ trade secret
belt: rusty
loafers: shoobiz
sunnies: vintage
bag: tony bianco

Off to the gym in a sec. peace out.


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J said...

oh - i love your bag!